Using the Metro


We have a ticket to ride.

The public transportation in St. Louis area is less than perfect. But it is improving.

Now that youngest son and I have settled into our new apartment, we are beginning to explore the area. There is a Metro Link station 2 blocks from out apartment. Here we have access to the Blue Line, the Red Line and 3 different bus routes.

Youngest son is planning to attend a university in north St. Louis county and two of the Metro stations on the Red Line are on that campus. This makes his commute to school a 20 minute train ride. He has also been taking the Amtrak train up to visit his father in Illinois and the Metro train leaves our local station and goes directly to the Amtrak (and Greyhound and local bus) stations.

Last week, we rode together on both lines to figure out the logistics and because adventures are more fun when undertaken together.

Three of my four children have deliberately chosen to be car free. I aspire to be car free myself someday. (Though practically, it makes sense for me to hang onto my paid-for car while I am sort of the “back up ride” for several persons in the family.

This is a huge shift in thinking and practice for me. As a teenager in the 70’s a car equaled freedom. I was taught to drive a stick shift at the age of 14 and got my driver’s license as soon as I legally could. For decades, it was a written requirement of my job that I own and maintain a vehicle that I used for work. I drove, on average 200-500 miles every two weeks, just for work. And who knows how many more miles I drove squiring children to music lessons and track meets and Scholastic Bowl practice.

But here, in my retirement village, I can walk to shops providing all my basic needs and the library and the folk music venue and the farmer’sĀ  market and I far prefer this way of getting around.

As we find ways of healing the earth from decades of carbon pollution and other excessive behaviors we will find new and better ways to be in community and get around. What a joy to find that the better way is also more fun!

[Beloved readers-I have finally transitioned into my retired life of writing and working on hand-picked sustainability projects. In honor of this, I am starting a new blog: Quaker Stylist. I will post both here and there for the rest of the month, in the hopes of convincing my beloved readers to make the transition with me. I will leave my two previous blogs up for a while. My avid readers have convinced me to try to turn the content into a book. More on that as it unfolds.]

7 thoughts on “Using the Metro

  1. Lou Phillips says:

    Hi Fawn,
    I signed up for Quaker Stylist a while ago. Now I’m still getting SHBL, but not QS. Should I sign up again, or is that how the transition works?
    Peace, Lou


    • Fawn says:

      Oh, Lou! Thanks so much for the effort. I don’t know, exactly. I’m planning to stop posting at SHBL tomorrow. So if you don’t get any posts after that let me know. My Strengths–I love communicating with people. My weaknesses–technologies.


  2. Beatrice says:

    Dear Fawn!
    I have tried to find your new blog Quaker Stylist by googling it but I can’t fint it. Do you have a link to it here on this blog?
    Sorry for bothering you if the answer is obvious, I have so little time these days!

    I never had a car in my life! As a family we get by with public transportation just fine and I love my bus ride to work! We walk to school but now my daughter will start a school further away. That will require bus + train or 30 min cyckling every morning. She is just 5 years old but looks forward to the bike ride very morning. I am a bit nervous because it is a big city we live in but the bike roads are really good and most people are doing it that way here, even with smaller children (4 years old, which I find a bit crazy!) . She will probably ride most days with her father who commutes everyday to work with the bike (20 min).

    We are planning to buy a car soon because I am longing to excursions in the forest on the week-end. I am pretty sure we won’t use it to commute to work/school anyway. But we will buy an electrical car or a hybrid one. We are not hard core environmentalist but it just seems more common sense not to pollute.

    Looking forward to your new adventures with the new blog! Sorry I have been commenting so little in the last few months. I have read all your posts but I feel like I can never catch up with my life! I have start to write a comment so many times, and then been interrupted and dropped it! I am pretty sure I have been there too šŸ˜‰


    • Fawn says:

      Oh Beatrice! Small children have a way of taking every moment of time. I am honored that you still find time to read my blog. Thank you! the address of my new site is:

      I think few places on earth are a car crazy as the USA. It has been an expensive experiment both in climate change and dollars. If you and your husband can swing the electric car, it is better for the planet in the long haul. I plan to give a more detailed blog about that in the future.
      Cars and trucks are useful tools, but we must be mindful how we use them.

      I’m so glad you are coming along to the new blog! I hope you like it as much as the old ones.


      • Beatrice says:

        Thank you for the link Fawn! And sorry for all the small mistakes in the previous message. I just needd to hurry up and send it before the rest of the house was up!
        I am indeed very enthusiastic for your new blog. Eager to be inspired on spirituality and simplicity!


  3. Julie C says:

    I have always lived in places where public transportation wasn’t available. So whenever we travel, I LOVE going to places where a car isn’t needed. Particularly the D.C. area. I’ve heard other people complain about the metro there, but I think it’s awesome. You just hop on, don’t worry about traffic and let someone else do the driving and next thing you know, you’re at your destination. One of my sons goes to college in Delaware and chose not to take his car with him. He walks to most places he needs to go to, and takes the train or bus to visit other places like NYC all the time. I’ll probably always have a need for a car unless I make a major move and lifestyle change, but the car-less life fascinates me šŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Beatrice says:

      I have lived in DC many years and I loved the metro! I never understood why so many people complained about it. I met my boyfriend coming out of the China Town metro station. I would never have met had I drove by car!


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