Bed in a Box


The overnight guest is not in the box.

We do not have a spare bedroom or a sofa, but still host the occasional overnight guest. This is my solution: a gel foam mattress, pillow and a warm comforter.


With a little sqooshing, they all fit in the box.

I’ve had the inflatable beds before, but each developed a hole after just a few uses. And said hole was discovered as we were trying to blow up the bed at 10pm. This set up is compact, portable and leak proof.



[Beloved readers-I have finally transitioned into my retired life of writing and working on hand-picked sustainability projects. In honor of this, I am starting a new blog: Quaker Stylist. I will post both here and there for the rest of the month, in the hopes of convincing my beloved readers to make the transition with me. I will leave my two previous blogs up for a while. My avid readers have convinced me to try to turn the content into a book. More on that as it unfolds.]

2 thoughts on “Bed in a Box

  1. Kay says:

    Would you be willing to share the brand/size mattress you use and the size of the storage container required to house it? I too struggle with the inflatable mattress that suddenly has a leak at 10am on the first evening my guests arrive.


  2. Fawn says:

    Kay- it has been awhile since I put together this set-up. So the following are guesses…the plastic bin is about 45 gallons. Here is a link to one at Target: Also, the gel foam mattress likely came from Bed, Bath & Beyond or Target. Again, a link to similar product: The mattress is twin sized. So if my guests are singular, like last weekend, when my daughter was here–she gets the Bed in a Box and I sleep in my own bed. If the guests are my married son and his two children–then they get my bed and the room with a door and I sleep on the Bed in a Box. It is all about being flexible. Best of luck to you!


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