Squirrel Guests


My hand is there just to give you a sense of scale.

As I mentioned before, when the weather gets very cold, the Saint Louis Friends (Quaker) meeting house is a warming shelter for homeless folks. And it seems that we are a warming shelter for squirrels as well.

They have chewed through a couple of the window sills, gotten into the walls, and in a couple rooms chewed through drywall to get to the stored food, or just a warmer place to spend the winter. This is not the first year this has occurred. So I checked with our pest management company who monthly sprays for roaches, mice, spiders. They do not treat for squirrels, nor guarantee that squirrels will not invade, whatever treatments they do. [Oh for the days that I lived in the country and the coyotes would eat cats, lambs, baby pigs…oh…wait…and human toddlers…I rescind my longing for “the good old days.”]

Anyhoo…I have been working on a compassionate squirrel management plan that does not involve electric wire around the perimeter of the building. The pest management technician [who does not wish to be named] says that moth balls are an effective treatment because the squirrels do not like the scent. Hmmm. Duh. Nobody likes the scent of mothballs. Also, said pest management technician told me not to leave the moth balls around indefinitely due to them being carcinogenic. So.

I devised this ingenious contraption of a plastic netting to hold the moth balls, on a long string to lower it into the wall where the squirrels have set up residence.


components of my ingenious squirrel repellent.

And I apologize that I did not remember to take a photo of the window sill after I had blocked the squirrel access with 2 separate 2 x 4″ wood studs and then covered the entire window with plastic sheeting to keep the rain out of the wall. And taped it with some white Duct tape leftover from one of my kid’s projects.

But the next day…..The. Next. Day. The squirrels had chewed through all of my interventions. Sigh.


The sign was for the humans…but apparently the squirrels do not read.


Close up of the little squirrel escape hatch.


So, who is up for an electrification of the border?…..Oh, wait…that is not a Quakerly way. Because the light of God is in all of us. Including destructive squirrels. Suggestions?

5 thoughts on “Squirrel Guests

  1. karenvanzon says:

    Church cat?
    Even a cat that visits the hall would leave predator scent.
    I have a cheeky squirrel that regularly tries to make off with the half-coconut of bird feed/fat. He’s been visiting less regularly since we got the cats in December!
    Think the electricity would just shock them, not kill them, and I think there is a fast learning curve! Though squirrels are acrobatic and would likely work out how to vault the electric wire with a pole or something anyway… 😉
    Karen (Scotland)


    • Fawn says:

      Well, if the squirrels worked out an acrobatic act, we could charge admission as a fundraiser. 🙂 Having a church cat is an excellent idea, not plausible at this time because there are days in a row where no one goes to the church. But when we get our membership up…..and a church secretary……


  2. ilseberg says:

    How about providing ‘squirrel houses’ near the building where the squirrels ould have some shelter? Give them a substitute instead of trying to deter them?


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