Snow Day


View from my window this morning!

When I was working as a hospice nurse, a snow day meant that I had to get up earlier than usual to shovel out my 100 foot driveway before I could go to work. Then the day’s driving would be more difficult due to snow and ice covered roads. But sick people don’t get better just because the weather is bad, and we were a pretty dedicated crew.

All that extra work and difficult driving made it hard to appreciate the magic of snow, like I did as a child. Back then, a snow day meant a day off school, sledding and hot chocolate. Triple fun!

This morning, when I woke to the falling flakes, I made plans to stay in. I watched the dogs frolic in the park from the warmth of my window seat. I sipped my steaming coffee as two bundled children made snow people.

This afternoon the sun is out and I may just put my boots on and walk to the store. I’ve got a hankering for some hot chocolate.

4 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. NicolaB says:

    We don’t get snow that often (so as a country we are terrible at coping with it) but because I walk to work I am still really excited by snow as I can stomp my way through it. And if work is closed it’s a bonus!
    Enjoy not having to drive in it!


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