The Rest of the Count: 2018

It’s a bit confusing to do the count in the middle of a move….so bear with me if I make an error or two. I’m pretty sure that as I settle into the new place that some things will go, and others will be added.


Laundry basket, towel, wallet, sewing box, tote bag, sunglasses (and case) and glasses. 7 items


Car, and cell phone taking photo. 2 items


Inside the cabinet are the laptop and the file holder. 2 items under miscellaneous. Also in photo are the cabinet and plant counted under furniture.


Memory box (1 item misc.) and to-go cup (counted under kitchen.)


2 chairs, a mirror and a wooden box, counted under furniture. 4 items


Bed. Also counted, but not show are the lamp (on son’s messy side of room) and the table which is at my other son’s apartment until he gets back in town.

If I haven’t lost you yet, that is 12 miscellaneous items and 9 furniture items.


Son’s side of room. The apartment is a studio, which will be great for just me, but it’s like living in a hotel room for the whole summer with him here.


The sweet little kitchen. You can see the fruit bowl, one of 4 kitchen towels, the drain pad, the cutting board and the kettle (which technically is son’s–but I may commandeer it) and in the corner: the trash can. 9 items.


2 pans, 4 mugs, storage container, measuring cup, 4 plates, ramekin, 3 bowls. 16 items.


vegetable peeler, measuring spoons, 4 knives, 4 folks, 4 spoons. 14 items.


2 cooking utensils, masher, scraper, knife and knife sharpener, can opener, scissors, corkscrew. Not shown, but counted: the coffee pot. 10 items.

Total 50 kitchen items.

And in the bath a shower liner and small trash can. For a total of 122 items this count.

Though, I suspect it will change quite a bit by the end of the summer. So I will likely revisit the count then, after I get settled in and get this boy off to school.


12 thoughts on “The Rest of the Count: 2018

  1. Elizabeth says:

    This is so great! Thanks for taking time to do this, it is always super inspiring. The apt. looks very serene and comfortable. Question for you–are you going to have to get a vacuum? I’m asking because we have eliminated all rugs and I am thinking f ditching our vacuum and mop. Or at least banishing them to the basement. I’d love to use a broom and a swiffer with re-useable wet pads only. it seems more zen-like and quicker.


    • Fawn says:

      Yes to the vacuum. I am getting back the one that I owned at my house and then gave to one of my kids. He just moved into a hardwood apartment. I bought a Swiffer-type thing to use at mom’s with reusable pads. I think it is much cleaner than mops that don’t seem to get real clean between uses. Good luck with the Zen cleaning!


  2. Teresa says:

    Fawn, I always admire with wistfulness and amazement when I see your item counts; truly almost a spiritual experience, a demonstration of how little we need to live a beautiful life. How peaceful and inspiring!

    I think I have more than 122 items in my handbag.



    • Fawn says:

      Thank you. We don’t need much, that is for sure. Start with your handbag, empty it out this weekend and only put back in it the things you really need there. One or two pens, not 9. One or two band-aids, not the whole box, etc. Elaine St. James, in one of her simplifying books, said that she started by putting the key to her car, a credit card and a $20 bill in her pocket. She put the handbag with all the “emergency” stuff in her trunk. After awhile, she was able to skip the step of putting the handbag in the trunk and just left it at home.


      • Teresa says:

        Thank you for further inspiration and direction. I took your advice and cleaned out my handbag; no joke, I had been carrying around 114 items. What was I thinking? (I wasn’t.) I massively reduced the inventory in my bag, although not as streamlined as Elaine St. James’. I have enjoyed her books in the past; obviously high time I re-read them and all your awesome minimalism posts too lol!


  3. Angela says:

    HI Fawn. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this count. I find it very inspiring, and it gives me a lot of food for thought for my own possessions as well. I was wondering, do you keep any memory type items or other things in your memory box?


  4. Teresa says:

    So here is what I put back in my handbag: wallet (cash, ID, health ins card, debit cards, library card, gym card, social work license), keys, cell phn, pen, mini pocket knife, feminine hygiene supplies, lip balm and lip stick, vitamin container, business cards, and a snack. Still more than I truly need or use daily, but so much less than before! I’m no longer toting around multiple pens, receipts, letters, unused gift cards, movie ticket stubs, tons of change, journals (plural), and full size bottles (plural) of essential oils.


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