Clothing Count 2018

This year I am doing the count in two parts: clothing this week and everything else next week. This is because I am moving to my new apartment in five days and it was less work to do it this way.


Outfit 1 (with the sparkly sweater this outfit can be for taking son Mike to open mike night at the bars)


Outfit 2. Here is the white T with rainbow hems and a pair of jeans.


Outfit 3. Fine for grocery shopping or working on the book at a coffee shop.


Outfit 4. The bottom is a skort, for modesty and above the knee for those humid, hot summer days.


Outfit 5. You may recognize the top as the one I wore over the LBD to my son’s graduation last month.


Outfit 6. The skirt is a little wrinkly. Rather than buy an iron, I will just take it out of the washer and stretch it between the clips on the hanger while wet. That will fix that!


Here is the gardening get-up which includes: hat, linen shorts made from pants I got bleach on, shirt, rubber shoes and gloves.


Washable (fake) down jacket, wool scarf I bought while in Ireland last spring and leather gloves I have used for several years. (3 items)


This is a lined rain coat I bought for my trip to Ireland last year. I am moving to a walkable city and this coat will be more important that the washable one (which was crucial as a hospice nurse, as many of the homes had smokers and other noxious odors which clung.)


Little Black Dress. I have had this item for several years. It is washable and has pockets. In the last year, I have worn it to 2 funerals and a graduation and a fancy gala-type thing. It is all how it is accessorized.


The only sweater to survive the winter. I bought this one in Ireland and love the color, but it is really warm, so not good for layering and requires a really cold day. Sweaters I wore out include a black cotton cardigan and a grey cotton cardigan.


Swimsuit and 2 pair shoes. I will need to buy some boots come winter.


Comb, razor, nail clippers, hair clip, earrings, necklace. (6 items)


2 baskets. The one on the left stores out of season items like sweater, swimsuit and the gardening outfit. The one on the right stores the undergarments: 5 pair socks, 3 bras, 5 panties, one pair of black tights.

Also seen in the above photo are the 9 hangers used for the outfits and coats. Not photographed, but counted are 3 pair of yoga pants. I just use my regular tops with the yoga pants in yoga class.

Total apparel and personal care items this year: 49.

[If you are new to my annual count; a functional pair like earrings or socks counts as one thing. An outfit counts as one thing. If you do not like my rules, you are free to make up your own for your own counting game.]


16 thoughts on “Clothing Count 2018

    • Fawn says:

      Exactly! The right amount is the right amount. This little game keeps me accountable to myself (and my readers.) It helps me avoid needless temptation and because my family is aware, avoids being gifted things I do not want. Family “treasures” is such a long list, I am writing book about it.


      • Teresa says:

        Fun list! I, like so many of your readers, have been looking forward to it!

        Canโ€™t wait to read your book! Enjoy the writing process!


  1. Amanda says:

    I love the silver sandals! Did you know there is a fashion label called RE/DONE that sells remodeled Hanes t-shirts for $78 each? You should go into business! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Fawn says:

    I thought about “going into business” when I discovered Alabama Chastain Embroidery, as I love it and it pays a living wage to it’s artisans. But, I am pretty sure this is not my spiritual path…which is the only thing that really interests me now that I have raised my kids. I’m an environmentalist and learning how to support the native species in my locale. This is the most exciting thing I have done in a long time.


  3. Elizabeth says:

    This is so great-thanks! Is this all of your clothes and will you add warmer stuff come fall? Also, what about shoes? What do you wear to a funeral or something like that? Will you just wear your future boots? I’m thinking about getting a really simple dressy pair of silver sandals to wear for all dress-up occasions for the rest of my life! and then just like you, have boots, regular sandals and sneakers for all else. Also, what is your book about?


    • Fawn says:

      I had some black dress shoes that I wore with tights and the black dress to the funerals, but I got rid of them, as they were a man-made material that made my feet perspire. I will look for some black ankle boots this fall. I pray that no one dies this summer. I could wear the silver sandals, if need be. The book I am working on is titled “The Hoarder and the Minimalist” and describes me helping mom de-clutter her house.


  4. Linda says:

    Let us know when your book is published, as I would like to read it.
    I remember seeing your white top belted over your black dress from the earlier post. Very stylish! Glad to see the white T made the count!
    Will you still be near your mom, since you’re moving to an apartment?


    • Fawn says:

      I will shout from the rooftops when the book is published! I will let you preorder it, even. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The belt I wore to graduation was borrowed from my mom. It made the outfit, I think. I will be about 30 minute drive away, still visiting 1-2 times weekly to help with yardwork, housework and still cleaning out the basement.


  5. kris says:

    As always, thanks so much for sharing this. I always enjoy seeing it and I always find it inspirational. (And looking to seeing the next installment next week!)

    Also, inspired by you, I have a little black dress appropriate for both weddings and funerals. (Wish that it had pockets like yours does.)

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Betty says:

    Have you seen the movie Nostalgia? It just came out on dvd. It is touted as a “what do we discard, what do we keep” theme, but it is so much deeper than that. It absolutely floored me.
    I am also enjoying Courtney Carver’s book Soulful Simplicity. It is so meaningful. I think it’s amazing how ideas come into our lives at the right time and we embrace them, but if it’s not the right time we disregard them or hopefully file them away waiting for the right time.
    I so appreciate the honesty in your blog. It exudes such peace.


    • Fawn says:

      I haven’t seen Nostalgia, and don’t have any device to watch DVDs. If I’m offered an opportunity to see it, I will take it based on your recommendation. I haven’t read Courtney’s book, but I have seen her blog from time to time. I completely agree about us needed to be ripe for ideas before we notice them. Must be how our brains work.


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