Sewing Projects

I know, I know…you were hoping this was the count post. That is next week. Today, I’m wrapping up the sewing projects for awhile since there is gardening work to do. Each project taught me a lesson.


Here is the completed stars and suns sweatshirt. Lesson learned: don’t sew with poly blends–natural fibers all the way.


This is a recycle project. Two cotton shirts that did not fit well, combined for a warm winter shirt. Lesson learned: keep construction simple. The grey shirt was wider than the colored shirt, which required some complex alteration of the inner seams.


Detail of the shoulder seams. Lesson learned: I like using different colored thread.


White T-shirt with colored hems.


Hem detail. Lesson learned: it takes longer than I think it will when I start out.

I’m quite pleased with how the white shirt turned out. I’m not sure the other two projects will make it to the clothing count next week.


3 thoughts on “Sewing Projects

  1. Linda says:

    Wow! These are all so beautiful. I really like the gray sweatshirt, but this is one of my favorite colors. Even the combined shirts are neat. And the white with hem/shoulder detail is beautiful, also.
    Can’t wait for your upcoming count.

    Liked by 1 person

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