One Bag to Do the Work of Three


My new canvas bag

As a committed minimalist, I get excited when I find one product that will do the work of two. This bag will do the work of three.

My search for a new bag started when I noticed that my current grocery bag is starting to fray.


Three amigos: hemp grocery bag, washable backpack, traditional suitcase.

At first, I thought I would just repurpose the backpack to be my new grocery bag, but it is not quite big enough. The hemp bag is plenty big, but it is not washable, which is a bit of a problem when the berries get squished. By getting a bag with a zippered top,


I can seal my goodies in.

The outside pocket is handy for a wallet, phone and keys. The bag is roomy enough for me to pack most of my clothing, except for a couple bulky sweaters. I have used the bag for grocery shopping, to take my laptop to the library along with my note cards and a snack. It has been used as a project bag, when I took my latest hand-sewing creation with a sewing kit. And I plan to use it as a suitcase next weekend when I go to visit my newly arrived grandson. He came a little early (5 weeks) but is healthy and working to fill out those newborn onesies.

The hemp bag is compostable, and the other two will go to new homes.


14 thoughts on “One Bag to Do the Work of Three

  1. Priscilla Bettis says:

    Nicely done on your multipurpose bag! You didn’t mention if you were flying or driving to see your new grandson, but tote bags are great for flying. You can shove your tote bag under the seat in front of you while you wear the bulky sweater because it’s always cold in a plane. Your things are within reach, and you don’t have to spend extra to check a bag. Enjoy spending time with your grandbaby!


    • Fawn says:

      The brand is Dalix and I got it from Amazon for $12.99. The shipping was free because I bought some KIND bars at the same time. The price of a comparable LLBean bag is $44.95 ($8 more if I need it monogramed, which I do not.) The weight of the canvas of the Dalix bag is not as heavy as an LL Bean bag, but it is not as stiff either, which suits my purposes better. It is more flexible fabric and the cost is more reasonable.


  2. Elizabeth says:

    This is so super smart. I have an LL Bean tote, but as you say it’s too stiff to wash, and mine does not have the zipper. I do love the hands-free aspect of a backpack or security of cross-body for walking around when travelling, but I think I am willing to give that up for the convenience of a tote to use in daily life and having just one bag for all things. Thanks for sharing this bag discovery!

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    • Fawn says:

      It is possible to use the handles of the tote as a backpack, though not quite as comfortable as a real back pack. If I was suddenly pressed to travel fast and hands-free, I would slip the handles over my shoulder and run/walk to the next adventure. For now, the shoulder straps are working well.


  3. Amanda says:

    Does this mean a new count post? (*wink wink nudge nudge*) πŸ˜‰
    I love roomy canvas totes. I have a 12 year old one that is still going strong despite quite a bit of abuse.

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    • Fawn says:

      I do a count every year in June. Some years I do one in winter too. So…soon. It is different now that I do not have my own house….but I will comment on what seems weird/extraneous and what is really necessary. Thanks for the wink/nudge!


      • Jenny says:

        I look forward to your count every year – because it keeps me in check and motivated to keep on culling. which btw we have made huge strides (moved from a house to a 300 sq ft tiny home ) your pics (100 count pics) really motivated on those dark days! πŸ™‚ thank you Fawn – Jenny


      • Fawn says:

        I remember the photos of your tiny home–so cute. I keep doing the count because my readers tell me it’s their favorite post of the year…and it keeps me accountable to myself, as well as you all. Whenever I am tempted to buy something, I ask myself, “Is this one of my 100 things?”


  4. Elizabeth says:

    I rec’d my bag in the mail from Amazon. It really is perfect. It reminds me of Ganghi–in a good way. His one cloth bag (I love that his was even cross-body–great business idea for somebody). Thanks a lot again for the post and recommendation.


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