Absent this May

I realize that I have not posted a lot his month. It’s just I have been busier than usual. First, my grandson was born 5 weeks early and I went to see him.


He was by far the smallest human I have ever held, at 4#, 13oz. No worries though. He is a good eater and now over 7#.


We went to the zoo.

When I got back home, I had a cold that laid me low for more than a week.

Then, my son Patrick graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering.


Me and the happy graduate.

Then multiple things occurred that made me know that I need to get my own apartment.


A twenty-four hour conversation about how these shells should be displayed was the tipping point to me getting my own place.


And I finally got my Bokashi bucket and started the anaerobic (without oxygen–so it doesn’t smell bad) composting process.

That about summarizes May for me. I’m looking forward to June and the annual count and probably some posts about the new apartment.

One Bag to Do the Work of Three


My new canvas bag

As a committed minimalist, I get excited when I find one product that will do the work of two. This bag will do the work of three.

My search for a new bag started when I noticed that my current grocery bag is starting to fray.


Three amigos: hemp grocery bag, washable backpack, traditional suitcase.

At first, I thought I would just repurpose the backpack to be my new grocery bag, but it is not quite big enough. The hemp bag is plenty big, but it is not washable, which is a bit of a problem when the berries get squished. By getting a bag with a zippered top,


I can seal my goodies in.

The outside pocket is handy for a wallet, phone and keys. The bag is roomy enough for me to pack most of my clothing, except for a couple bulky sweaters. I have used the bag for grocery shopping, to take my laptop to the library along with my note cards and a snack. It has been used as a project bag, when I took my latest hand-sewing creation with a sewing kit. And I plan to use it as a suitcase next weekend when I go to visit my newly arrived grandson. He came a little early (5 weeks) but is healthy and working to fill out those newborn onesies.

The hemp bag is compostable, and the other two will go to new homes.