Unbalanced Yogi

yoga blance

This is not me, by the way.

I find that yoga is an effective tool in figuring our what aspects of my life I need to be giving attention and effort to. Stiff neck? Yep, that’s me. Not very flexible? Yes, that’s me. Struggling with balance? Me again.

I like that the practice improves my strength and flexibility and balance in my body while giving me clues to how I can improve my life off the mat. I like that the stretching and strengthening poses aid in release of emotions that I stored in my body years ago, when I didn’t know what else to do with them.

Now that I am in a safe and supported place, I can let these old emotions go. Yesterday, as I lay in Savasana, at the end of class, I sobbed with the release of these old emotions.

I have felt lighter and freer since.


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