Unbalanced Yogi

yoga blance

This is not me, by the way.

I find that yoga is an effective tool in figuring our what aspects of my life I need to be giving attention and effort to. Stiff neck? Yep, that’s me. Not very flexible? Yes, that’s me. Struggling with balance? Me again.

I like that the practice improves my strength and flexibility and balance in my body while giving me clues to how I can improve my life off the mat. I like that the stretching and strengthening poses aid in release of emotions that I stored in my body years ago, when I didn’t know what else to do with them.

Now that I am in a safe and supported place, I can let these old emotions go. Yesterday, as I lay in Savasana, at the end of class, I sobbed with the release of these old emotions.

I have felt lighter and freer since.



More spring. These Magnolia blossoms got a little damaged by our on-off-on spring temperatures, but opened up beautifully yesterday.

There is a type of train that is powered by alternating magnetic poles. Opposites repel and push the train a bit, then the polarity is reversed and the train is pulled forward a bit more. Then the polarity is reversed again. These trains can go at very high speeds. Maglev trains

I feel like I am living this process in really slow motion. When I came to live with mom, I was coming to help her out, but mostly I was leaving. I was leaving a career that had become exhausting and leaving a city that felt constricting. That is the repelling part of the polarity. Spending fun time with mom, getting rested, finding my new people are the attracting parts of the polarity.

I am coming to think of this as my sabbatical year. While I am making myself useful around the house, (cleaning out the basement and garage, yardwork on the 3/4 acre lot, accompanying mom when she takes long walks) I am deliberately slowing my pace. I rest when I’m tired. I’m eating more fresh vegetables and fruits, drinking less coffee and wine. I’m doing yoga daily.

I’m trusting in the process of listening to my body and emotions to find what I need to create a joyful life.

Love, rest, meaningful work. Healthy food and a bit of sunshine. These are the things that pull me forward.

Whereby I Note That I am Hoarding


Goodies mom brought back from her hotel room from her trip last week

Philosophers Tony Robbins, Brian Cain, Jim Rohn, Dale Carnegie and Marcus Aurelius have all noted that we tend to become more like the people we spend the most time with.  Then they caution us to chose our companions wisely.

But the hoarder is my mom! And I live in her house!

You would think that my twenty years of minimalist discipline would keep me on the right track, but I have noted clutter creeping in to my closet. First there was the stack of fabric for future sewing projects. Then there was the ill-fitting, worn clothing that I was saving for yard work. Third, a large stack of books that people have loaned to me, that I have not gotten to yet. And lastly: photos, card stock and drawings that I am planning to turn into greeting cards.

All that stuff for my future self to deal with was kinda stressing me out. So I started dealing with it. I winnowed the sewing projects down to a volume that might actually get done in this calendar year. I got rid of the ill-fitting clothing and kept just one set of yard work clothes. I’m working through the books, and not letting myself get any new titles until these have been read (exception for this month’s book club book: Anne Lamont’s Help, Thanks, Wow!) And I took the time to assemble the paper chaos into greeting cards, which are now ready to be sent at a moment’s notice.

And that bag of goodies mom brought back from her trip? It has gone to the food pantry.