Trip to Madison Wisconsin


Lake Monona at sunset.

Last weekend I drove about 5.5 hours north to Madison Wisconsin. My daughter took a job at Epic Software last summer and I went to see her. After she got off work and rode the bus home (she has decided to live car-free for now) we walked around her neighborhood admiring the architecture and the two large lakes downtown.

We walked to a restaurant in her neighborhood for dinner and window shopped on our walk home.

Saturday we had planned to visit Taliesin, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Wisconsin home, but there were no tickets available. Just down the road from Taliesin is The House on the Rock, so we went there. It was a minimalist’s nightmare. See for yourself here: The House on the Rock . The original home, which was completed in the 60’s was cool and charming and had beautiful views onto the surrounding valley. After that, the owner just added a bunch of “eclectic” junky collections. Many of the items for display in the multiple buildings are twins to the junk I have just recently removed from our basement. It was dirty, dark and overwhelming.

After that waste of time, we had dinner and went back to her apartment, avoiding the many college-aged revelers celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. There, I worked on several sewing projects for her: hemmed her shower curtain, replaced the buttons on her wool coat and fixed a shirt that had torn at the sleeve.

Sunday, she gave me a tour of her employer’s campus. Epic Software has a large (640 acres or so) campus with dozens of themed buildings. Here the buildings were light-filled and decorated with humor and creative artwork.


This charming fellow lives in the building that houses my daughter’s office.

We made mini-Quiches for dinner and I wrapped up the sewing projects while she went to rugby practice Sunday evening. I was a delightful weekend. When I go back, I will make sure we can get the Taliesin tickets.


My daughter made this origami lotus flower for me. So cool!

[If you are a person who follows me via Facebook, be aware that after this post I am deleting my Facebook account. If you would still like to see my blog posts, you can look them up here: Small House, Big Life . If you wish to get them in your email box, go here: Small House, Big Life (follow) and fill in your email address.]

Thanks faithful readers for your interest and support!


5 thoughts on “Trip to Madison Wisconsin

  1. Priscilla Bettis says:

    You are the THIRD blogger this week who has said you’re deleting your FB account. I think FB may have to rebrand themselves somehow or have an aggressive ad campaign to recover. The origami blossom your daughter made is pretty darn intricate, wow!


    • Fawn says:

      FB risk is way greater than the benefit that I receive. As a minimalist, it is a no brainer for me. The biggest loss is regular photos of my granddaughter. They do text them from time to time.


  2. Ginger says:

    I got rid of Facebook in 2013 and never looked back. I too was worried about grandkid pics but I’ve found not being on FB, family now makes a more concerted effort to stay in touch with me via other avenues. You won’t miss it! Looks like a great weekend you had!


  3. Linda says:

    I have visited/toured Kentuck Knob & Falling Water. Both are beautiful homes, not cluttered at all. Very in tune with the outdoors setting that they are located in. Oh my, I must be showing my age, not even on facebook….

    Liked by 1 person

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