Vision Board


No secrets here.

Long have I resisted creating a vision board. I dislike visual clutter and I quickly get bored with images in my living space. But this past month, the idea of using one to promote healing has come up in several divergent places: conversation, a magazine article, a demonstration project I was walking by. Okay, okay. I get the hint.

I gathered images and words from several different publications over several weeks. I just cut out stuff that I liked, without giving too much thought to the meaning behind the images. But when I was putting the board together, I noticed some interesting things. I had cut out a couple of photos of butterflies (just because they are pretty, I thought) but they have long been a symbol of transformation. Hmmm.

In a month devoted to pink and red hearts, I cut out a page of pure white ones. Hmmm.

There is a lot of nature in those pictures, and I love being outside, but I spend a lot of time indoors. Hmmm.

I propped the thing up in the closet on top of the dresser, so it is not cluttering up my space.

14 thoughts on “Vision Board

  1. Priscilla Bettis says:

    Your vision board is pretty, Fawn. You did a nice job. I resisted doing a vision board until this year, too. I also don’t like visual clutter, so I made mine kind of . . . OVERLY organized!:-) I am surprised that it actually does inspire me when I sit at the desk and work. (It’s hanging over my desk.) I didn’t expect that. I wish the same sort of inspiration for you, too!


  2. Adrienne says:

    I just updated mine with the help of my granddaughter. She’s about to turn 5yrs old and we talk about traveling together. So there are iconic travel images on “ours” / mine 🙂


  3. swissrose says:

    Mood boards worked for me years ago. I didn’t even really know what I wanted but am amazed how things worked out, especially looking back 10 years on. Maybe it’s time for a new one!!
    Loved yours – mine was far less clear when I consider what a minimalist I’ve become lol.


      • swissrose says:

        No, Fawn, I don’t. In truth, it was a difficult time of life and I had a major addiction to magazines, on which I spent a fortune. Just going through them all comforted me and by tearing images out, I was able to begin to get rid of all that paper. In fact, I had about 6 boards, there were so many images, and they are still imprinted on my mind. The point came where I could let them go! I did carry on saving images to some extent but lost the need for the magazines. On the whole, I am very lucky that my life veered in just the direction those boards were showing me. They led to a much more contented and focussed life that has been invaluable to my experience and if you’d seen them, you’d smile to see how they have translated into my present life. I am very happy now. However, as I move into a new phase I can see there might be room for a tweak here and there…!
        Good luck with finding your path 🙂


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