Hard Drive Crash


Just part of our extensive collection of empty boxes being stored….for when we might need them.

Last Sunday, I had the electronic equivalent of a house fire. My hard drive crashed and I was unable to retrieve any data before smashing the hard drive and taking the mess to the hazardous waste center.

I had saved my novel on an external hard drive and also the cloud. Many of my photos were also saved to the cloud. So the crash mostly meant that I no longer have on my “to do” list the tedious chore of deleting unwanted files. Poof. They are gone. It did mean that I had to spend a couple of hours uploading software to the new laptop. Probably a net gain in time, though.

The exterminator has returned and our spider body count is low enough that I may safely return to decluttering the basement.

Because mom and I have the luxury of time and are being as frugal about the decluttering as possible, the limit of what can be disposed of in a single week is filling the recycle bin and the trash bin to capacity. I’m not sure the gallon/liter capacity, but each bin is chest high and we are not allowed to put in more than 50# per week. Sometimes the volume is the limit, sometimes the weight is the limit. But each week those puppies go to the curb, they are full.

Due to insects and spiders liking the glue in cardboard boxes, mom has allowed me to breakdown and recycle all boxes not currently in use, including those in the photo above.