Nice for a weekend, but not a decade.

At the end of this month, I am officially retired from nursing. I’m also moving into my mom’s house, to help her take care of it. The same house and mom that I ran away from at age 17. Thankfully, mom and I have both matured and we are looking forward to having this time together. We plan on taking Tai Chi and water aerobics classes. We will declutter her place a bit. We plan on reading a lot of library books and listening to music. Mom is hoping I will get excited about the TV series Dr. Who. Especially now that the new Dr. Who will be a woman.

I’m too young and healthy to completely retire, and do not have the disposition to take up golf. I will be devoting myself to writing: a novel, poetry, a You Tube show and of course this blog.

What this means for the blog: there will be many more posts on minimalism,  frugal problem solving and frugal fun. I plan to post weekly.

I am very excited about this chapter of my life and hope you will follow along.

18 thoughts on “Retirement

  1. LD says:

    I.can’t.wait. Congrats on your “retirement” and look forward to reading about this next stage of life. I’m not far behind so am having long talks with family and friends about what to expect, what to do.

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  2. suzi says:

    Congratulations on your retirement. I’m retiring from nursing, too. My life is very different from yours but I enjoy following your journey. I will be joining my husband at our home near the ocean and hoping to travel some. We have had a commuter marriage the past 3 years. The adjustment will be interesting.

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  3. swissrose says:

    Congratulations on a working life well led and a new chapter beginning!

    My mom cared for my grandmother for 5 years, putting her life on hold while she did so. It wasn’t always easy but very rewarding.
    My best friend has done the same for her mother but is struggling somewhat (she’s 20 years younger than my mom was).
    So, interesting.
    I look forward to your future posts!

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