Travel Sewing Kit

A couple times while traveling in Ireland, I longed for a needle and tread to mend some small thing before it became a bigger thing that couldn’t be fixed.


Like this unmendable tear in my daughter’s shorts.

When a few short days after I returned, my daughter split her shorts open, I harvested some of the fabric and string ties and buttons before throwing the rest away.


Materials for travel sewing kit

I used the tie material as bias tape, and formed an envelope shape.


All hand sewn


When my daughter saw it at this stage, she asked if I would make a pouch for her too.


I gave her the one with the button and reserved the one with the safety pin for myself.


I added the needles, thread, safety pins and buttons from my home sewing kit.

I will probably put some nail clippers in there when I travel. I think they are allowed now by the airlines.

Custom-made sewing kit for free.

6 thoughts on “Travel Sewing Kit

  1. Linda says:

    Excellent sewing skills! Mine have a lot to be desired, however, I still keep plugging away (sewing on buttons, repairing hems, repairing seams). I marvel at your past posts when you would sew pockets on your goodwill skirts by hand…I can’t even do that good with a sewing machine. Perhaps I should take a class or two. (And I had home economics in high school and had to sew an outfit!!!)


  2. Adrienne says:

    Running stitch or backstitch? I read in a book where an air hostess made all her clothes by hand using running stitch but would back sew every 3rd or 4th stitch. I tried it when I made a small glasses case that way and it made a strong seam.


    • Fawn says:

      I forget the name of the stitch, but it is one that I use for hemming. As the bias tape was so narrow, I had to do a weird three point configuration to try to hide the stitches, which only partially worked. I like that idea of using a backstitch every 3rd or 4th…..I will use that idea. Thank you.


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