Summer Wardrobe

I did my count earlier this summer, but did not do the individual photos of the wardrobe like I usually do. Several of you requested I post these, so here they are.


Sandals, boots, canvas lace ups and “yard work” shoes


white T, brown jeans


blue/black heather T, skinny jeans


Blue T, wide leg linen pants (with pockets!!!)


Another white T and cut-off brown jeans. You will note that these are a discreet above the knee length and not “Daisy Dukes.”


Grey T and olive-green linen wide-legged pants. Also with pockets.


Grey leggings and green sleeveless top.


Knit linen white/grey heather top and black jeans

I have four exercise outfits. I sleep in those before I wear them to the gym. That minimizes the number of clothes I need, and also reduces my outfit change by one per day.

3 thoughts on “Summer Wardrobe

  1. Linda says:

    Thanks for the update with pictures. Love linen pants…so cool for the summertime heat. I continue to be inspired by your blog & yearly count.


  2. sallyannn says:

    Thanks Fawn, I like to see your wardrobe. I have 7 pairs of shoes, and quite a few work outfits, casual outfits and a few dressy ones. Still plenty of possiblities to reduce, for me. I do at least do the one-in, one-out system which helps a lot.


    • Fawn says:

      There are so many things that can effect the number of outfits needed–distance to laundry facilities, employment requirements, etc. It doesn’t make sense to compare yourself to someone else’s situation. The one in, one out rule is a great practical system.


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