On the Importance of Knowing When to Ask for Help


Shout out to Menard County’s 911 services! Thank you, gentleman!!

Work has been going slow, as I’m not really sure what to do next. I thought I would start with repairing the holes in the floor.


There are a lot of holes, and they are not all round.

I planned to use tin and “self-piercing screws.”


See that tiny dent in the corner of the tin. The screws are not self-piercing. Even with a power drill.

Not wanting to waste an entire trailer work day before returning to the hardware store for something that will work better, I decided to remove the empty propane tanks.


The connectors were too tight for me to loosen with a wrench. I decided to cut them off.

As soon as I heard the hissing noise, I knew that 1) the tanks are not empty and 2) I’m lucky I did not blow myself up. My third thought was that there are people working in the building that houses my trailer. I ran upstairs to warn them to get out of the building and to call 911.

Everybody calmly exited the building and tried to calm me down, while the police, sheriff and fire department arrived. The Petersburg police officer, first to arrive at the scene, reached over and turned off the valve, immediately stopping the flow of gas into the building. Brilliant!

One of the firemen assured me that propane is heavier than air, so pools low, and was not likely to rise into the building above. We left the big door open to facilitate the propane exiting Sheba’s home. After a few minutes, one of the fireman with a propane measurement tool, told us it was safe to return to the building.

I apologized profusely to my host Dana and other occupants of the building and all of the emergency personal that responded to my call.

Today, I’m looking for a helper, who knows more about utilities than I do, so the rest of the project will be safe.

Winter Break is Over

For the past month or so, I have been enjoying my family. Two of my kids have been home from college. I travelled over Christmas to spend time with my granddaughter and her parents. (She loved the Scooby-Do chair!) I took my mom on a cross-country trip to spend time with her college friend (65+ years of friendship) who is now in a hospice program. Time very well spent.

Today, back to work on little Sheba. I bought these items for my work today:


Leather gloves for the tin work, a special bit for the tin screws, tin screws, bolt cutters, tin snips. (The wood glue is for a home project.) I also bought a 4 x 2 foot sheet of tin.

I drove out to Sheba to start work….and my camera wasn’t working. And I realized I am not ready to repair the metal floor holes yet. It will take a lot more prep work. So- I drove to the RV store where I bought Sheba and consulted with one of the repair geniuses there, to help me work out the solution to how the grey water pipes are going to be set up.

So, I actually got quite a bit of work done, but no dramatic photos to show you. Let’s hope Saturday’s work session is more photo worthy.