The Dining Bench


The cushions got removed a couple weeks ago.

Today, this little bit comes out.

And here are a few of the things I found.


My favorite is this beautiful spider web.


This mini-greenhouse was under the bench.


Woo hoo! I’m rich!

And here is the bench space with the bench removed.


I feel like I am making pretty good progress.

And the very coolest thing to happen this week, is I am starting to have dreams about the trailer.


5 thoughts on “The Dining Bench

  1. deanna in ar says:

    About 1986 someone gave hubby and me an old 1956 Chevy school bus (Superior brand, 60 passenger, the biggest school bus they made at the time hubby says). He painted it on the top with cool coat, a reflective fiberglass reinforced paint, and painted the sides with gray primer. He tore out the inside down to the metal and we totally renovated it.

    We had a living room/bedroom (2 sofas joined together for a king sized bed with storage under), kitchen, pantry, broom closet, full shower, two closets with hang ups and shelves, lavatory and toilet. We also had a standalone ice maker, a small frig, a propane furnace installed like central heat, a propane water heater and a tankless electric water heater and a solar water heater on the roof, an air conditioner installed in the back door, wooden parquet flooring.

    I made cushion covers from denim and curtains from denim lookalike sheets. They were sooooo cute!

    Love your blog. I’ll be keeping up!


  2. deanna in AR says:

    Fawn, no, it’s been gone many years. And, strange as it seems, I don’t think we ever took a single pic of it. That was before cell phones. It was one of the best 3+ years of our lives though. It was in the 80’s. We lived in it in Vernon, TX; in Arkansas; and in Houston, TX. When we were finished with it, we traded it to a friend for a pickup truck. Can’t wait to hear more about your RV !!


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