Floor and Ceiling

I started cutting a grid on the floor to make is easier to pull it up.


Starting to cut the grid


First layer is vinyl. Second is plywood, third is foam, fourth is more wood, last is metal sheeting.


foam layer


second wood layer

Thing is, all this cutting wears down the battery on the saw fairly quickly. And I have to rest my back when I’m pulling things up off the floor. Which gave me plenty of time to look up and notice that I did not have all the ceiling out yet.


Ooops! Forgot about this. I better get it out before I have no floor to stand on!

So I took out the ceiling before I went back to work on the floor.


Here you can see the underside of my beautiful new roof.

Then I went back to the floor.


I got this much out, before calling it a day.

Sheesh! My Back Against the Floor

Good news! All the walls and insulation are down.


Started here.


All that stuff–Gone!

Then I started working on the floor. Sheesh! The floor is NOT coming out easy, except for those spots that just crumble when you touch them.


near the sink drain


Around the shower pan.

So–my plan for my next work day is to take the circular saw and cut one foot squares and then see how easy I can pull those up.

I did take a peek under the trailer to make sure I had a base before I take all this stuff apart.

Sheba’s Got Her Permanent Plates


We are legal, though not travel worthy.

Here’s the plan for the day:


Take out the veneer walls and insulation behind.


The weather has turned here in central Illinois and I am even more grateful for my excellent hosts, who are providing me with electricity.


Fore end of the trailer, cleared to the studs.


Here you can see how rotten some of the support for the trailer is. Much of the framing will have to be replaced.

Back At the Demo

I finally got back to work on little Sheba. Here is my plan for the day:


Removing the bed/bench (and what ever mysteries are beneath) and the electrical panel.


Ugh! This water tank was a bear to remove! It was heavy, even without the water that was still in it.


Here is that end of the trailer now.

A few of the treasures found today:


Two pens, a gray crayon, a penny, the instruction manual for the water pump, a receipt from Vancouver Island! My baby’s been to Vancouver Island!

But my all-time favorite find in the trailer so far is……..


..this sweet little Scooby Doo chair.

I’m going to see if my granddaughter wants it.

Nutrition Break

I have not been able to get out to the trailer in the past week due to spending time at work and dealing with some personal things. Long-time reader K.S. sent me an e-mail requesting that I resume some of those “How to Eat Frugally” posts that were the bread and butter (Ha!) of my old blog. I am happy to report that Small House, Big Life does have room under the roof for those kinds of posts, as how to live large on just a little money is right in keeping with the new blog’s theme. So, with all that in mind–here are a couple of one-person frugal and nutritious meals. The first: a recent diner for one: Sautéed cabbage.


1/2 a cabbage with 2 Tablespoons of butter (cost 65 cents + 20 cents)


Plus salt & pepper (10 cents) and 1/4 cup shredded Parmesan cheese (57 cents.)


$1.52 of filling deliciousness which I supplemented with 50 cents of cheddar cheese. What can I say? It was a cheese night!

And a recent weekend breakfast.


2 organic eggs-84 cents, 1 tablespoon of butter-10 cents, salt and pepper–10 cents, an orange 40 cents. The baguette was left over from a soup & sandwich lunch at Panera’s.


Eggs over easy, toast with butter, an orange, coffee and cream. A very filling breakfast for < $1.60.

How Do I Hate Carpet? Let Me Count the Ways

I had big ambitions for the day–out with the rest of the moldy plywood sheeting and moldy insulation, and probably the carpet.


Here you can see my ambitions for the day.

Well, that did not happen. It took most of the day to get the glued and stapled carpet out. And then the rest of the day to remove the rusty staples that were poking out of the floor, so I don’t give myself tetanus, next time I walk through.


It wasn’t really that much square footage.

It is out now.


The only thing I found today was that there are two holes where the table can be positioned.


The Dining Bench


The cushions got removed a couple weeks ago.

Today, this little bit comes out.

And here are a few of the things I found.


My favorite is this beautiful spider web.


This mini-greenhouse was under the bench.


Woo hoo! I’m rich!

And here is the bench space with the bench removed.


I feel like I am making pretty good progress.

And the very coolest thing to happen this week, is I am starting to have dreams about the trailer.