Her Name is Sheba

I was drifting off to sleep last night, when it came to me…the trailer’s name is Sheba.


Today, I took out the old bathroom.


The medicine cabinet.

One of the things I have figured out, is if I were to do this for a living, I would have to get prescription eye goggles. With the ones I have, I can’t wear my bifocals and I can’t see the screw heads to line up the driver bit. It makes the whole process more frustrating.


The disgusting shower.


The even more disgusting toilet.


The door to the bathroom.


The same space with the bathroom removed.


I found this in the sink cabinet. Brand new, never opened.

But the weirdest thing I found today was under the shower pan. I know that mice like to use the fiberglass insulation to make nests, as a friend of mine had a huge problem with that in her basement. But one of these clever creatures had stolen a bar of Coast soap and somebody had eaten through the package and an eighth of the bar. Blech!



9 thoughts on “Her Name is Sheba

  1. Karen says:

    Sheba is a good name. Just found your blog and looking forward to following your adventure! You have BIG job going on and you seem to be tackling it with gusto! Once you get it all new and finished you will have a perfect ‘tiny house’. DH and I do not live in our 5er full time but are in it lots as we do some work camping. Right now, we are parked beside a river in a state park. The air is brisk and there are leaves of every color falling all around us. Life is good!


  2. Susan says:

    Perhaps the baby mouse used naughty words and his mum made him wash his mouth out with soap and water! Just discovered your blog and am enjoying reading the archives. Thank you! One question though, are you planning to give up your job once the van is ready to go on the move?


      • Susan says:

        Great! Early retirement is fantastic – however much you enjoy your job. I can recommend it, even though we tend to be one place (but with lots of holidays). At least you have the time to do a really great job on your new home-to-be.


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