The Kitchen is Gone

My mission for this weekend was to remove the kitchen.


Fore facing view.


Aft facing view.


Blurry photo of the fridge above the heater hole.


Detail of all the 1970’s colors we have learned to hate: Harvest Gold, Burnt Orange, Avocado Green, and brown. I forget what the name of this brown was.


This was behind the stove vent. Perfect place if you are a wasp, as long as you don’t mind bacon flavor.


Here is that same space, with the kitchen: fridge, sink, stove removed. You can see the wheel wells at the base. I’ll have to work with those in the new floor plan.

And the weekend was made more interesting by the interest of a local film-maker who shot some footage of the demo. I’m not sure yet what he plans to do with it, but maybe a portion of the film will make its way here for your viewing.

And the weirdest things I found this weekend:


The pot lid had somehow fallen into the electrical panel. I don’t find it strange that there was an unopened and abandoned package of eggnog-flavored coffee. What is weird, is that anyone would have purchased it in the first place.


6 thoughts on “The Kitchen is Gone

  1. Pat says:

    I am loving your demolition of the trailer. I am sure it will be beautiful in the end. Your remodel of your house was great. You have a real talent .


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