My Little Girl, On the Move

Somehow, I know this trailer is female…though I do not yet know her name. I’m sure I will by the time we finish the remodel.

So let me tell you the tale of the move (as I have an idea that it will be a foreshadowing of the next year or so.) My wonderful friends Lora and Phil showed up about 1pm to help me move my girl. But first, they were kind enough to take a trip to the lumber store for me to pick up the 5-6 sheets of 3/4 inch plywood that will be the new floor. We got the plywood loaded onto the truck with only one small injury (mine) and then Phil realized that likely the hitch was not long enough, what with the plywood overhang. But we drove to the trailer, just to see. Yep. That true, and Lordy, the trailer hitch is the wrong size. I had bought one only yesterday, and sized it, but had left it at home. So we went back to get the new, right-sized hitch and also drove the plywood 25 miles to its new home. We unloaded the plywood, with no injury to anyone.

then back to the trailer. Here is us determining that the new hitch is the right size.


Then we attached the right-sized hitch to the right-sized trailer, added the temporary licensed and checked the electricals, i.e. the turn signals and (I know I bought this trailer “as is” but I was also told “the essentials are working.”) Nope. So we drove to the hardware/lumber store. This was actually my THIRD trip of the day, as I had bought some leather gloves (which, had I been wearing, I would NOT have a small injury) and a lock for the hitch. My third trip of the day we bought a 4/5 to 7 plug conversion for the electricals (turn signals.) Out in the parking lot…we (that is Phil, thank God for Phil!!) determines that my trailer is so ancient it has a 3 pronged electrical. Nothing at the store that sized, so with some brilliant problem solving by Phil (have I mentioned yet how AWESOME my friends are?) we decide to drive illegally, i.e. no working brake/turn lights on the trailer, with me in my little car right behind to alert all travelers behind us with my working brakes and turn signals to our intents. Travel-wise. Here we are hooked up and ready to travel.


Have I mentioned yet how awesome my friends Lora and Phil are?

Then we drove the next 25 miles illegally (and here is where I tell my friends, what I did not have the courage to say riding in the truck. I forgot to call my insurance guy. So the trailer is not insured until I call him Monday. Gaa!) And we got there. No accidents, no blown tires, no broken friendships! Here is the little girl’s new home for the next several months. These are also awesome friends, which I will tell you about soon, very soon.


Warm, safe, dry and with electricity!





2 thoughts on “My Little Girl, On the Move

  1. donna grant says:

    I’m glad you all made it. You are blessed to have such good friends. It will be fun to see this project go forward. Best wishes to you and all your helpers.


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