Rough Draft of the Floor Plan


Here is my first draft of the floor plan. The placement of almost everything is dependent on the windows which are plentiful and many of them low. The outside dimensions of the trailer are 18 foot by 8.5 feet. The trailer hitch is on the couch/bed side. I haven’t decided for sure if I will put in the washer/dryer machine. I already think the desk is too big and the bathroom too small. The trailer is still at the shop, getting its new roof.

Here is my homework for the next 2-3 weeks:


A trip to the library and a book loaned from a friend.

I have decided to wire the place for 220, instead of the usual 110 volt for RVs, as I wish to have electric on-demand hot water and a radiant floor heat. These luxuries require 220 current.



3 thoughts on “Rough Draft of the Floor Plan

  1. Linda says:

    Such an exciting time for you! Good idea for the radiant floor heat. It has been my experience in the past with cold weather camping, in a travel trailer, that the floor becomes quite cold with colder temps, so that would be eliminated with floor heat. And most likely the trailer will be warmer than with a space heater.


  2. swissrose says:

    I came back to look at this again.
    As we are looking at boats, I wondered if there is anything you could use in your trailer that is designed for boats, like I just saw both fridge and dishwashing drawers, if you don’t have much to put in them, and so on (recently I’ve been fascinated by all you can get into a boat and watched a video for a 40′ yacht that was truly inspiring, check out the Sirius 40DS on their website if you’d like that kind of inspiration!!).


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