Good Day

I feel that I am awash in the support of my tribe. A couple of weeks ago, a friend with a pick-up truck volunteered to drive my travel trailer from its current spot (where it is getting a new roof this week) to where I will be working on it for the next several months. I have had feelers out into the community for a place to park it (with electricity) while I work on it.


The bathroom sink, as it appears now.

And today…I got a response from a wonderful friend who is willing to let the trailer rest in his RV garage for a few months–rent free!!! before his horse trailer returns to that spot. Afterwards, I can have a spot on the grounds with power, but less protection from the elements. Score!!!

And if that was not good news enough…youngest son heard this week that two of the three colleges that he has applied to have accepted him. We are still waiting to hear from the third. I feel more fortunate that the presidential debate winner…who ever that was.

Rough Draft of the Floor Plan


Here is my first draft of the floor plan. The placement of almost everything is dependent on the windows which are plentiful and many of them low. The outside dimensions of the trailer are 18 foot by 8.5 feet. The trailer hitch is on the couch/bed side. I haven’t decided for sure if I will put in the washer/dryer machine. I already think the desk is too big and the bathroom too small. The trailer is still at the shop, getting its new roof.

Here is my homework for the next 2-3 weeks:


A trip to the library and a book loaned from a friend.

I have decided to wire the place for 220, instead of the usual 110 volt for RVs, as I wish to have electric on-demand hot water and a radiant floor heat. These luxuries require 220 current.


The Next Chapter


I have gone and done it…I have purchased a run down travel trailer with the intent of creating something exceptional to live in for many years to come. I have my work cut out for me. The roof has had leaks, the floor is spongey, everything except the air conditioner (which works!) is probably from 1976. The trailer cost $1,400 as is. I am paying more than that to have a new roof put on it. Then I shall take possession and get to work removing the dirty, moldy mess. While I am waiting on the roof, I will scout out a proper home for it for the next year or so…and find a friend with a pick-up to move it for me.

Is not every traveler excited and trepidatious as the journey begins? What adventures await? Stay tuned!