Monday Menu

Breakfast was 2 eggs over easy (.58*) 1/12 a baguette that I found marked down to .49–so, .04 for my breakfast piece, 1/4 cantaloupe .25 and tea .10.

Breakfast cost .97

Breakfast cost .97

Lunch was another bowl of the Thai chicken $2.63.

Thai Chicken

Thai Chicken

Dinner was black bean soup .32 (olive oil .05, beans .80, 1/4 clove garlic .07, onion .25, 2 carrots .33, 2 celery stalks .33, salt and pepper .10= $1.93 for 6 servings.) and an apple .34.

Nutritious and frugal!

Nutritious and frugal!

Total cost of food for the day $4.26.

*the eggs were free-range from Target at $3.50 for a dozen.

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