2015 A Year of Gratitude

Here’s my resolution for the new year:

Before I complain about anything, I am to remember what I am grateful for. I will use my fingers to count, if I have to.

1) Housing: we have a comfortable, affordable home.

2) Food: we have easy access to inexpensive, healthy food. And expensive, unhealthy food too, if we chose it.

3) Transportation: we have a paid for car, three bikes and the opportunity for free airplane trips. Plus, we can all walk for long distances without difficulty.

4) Health: we are all reasonably healthy. We have access to excellent health care, should we need it and a way to pay for it also.

5) Enrichment: the kids are in school, we have a free public library, the internet for a small fee and the time to pursue most of the interests that we have.

So, if you see me open my mouth, then close it and count on my fingers….you will know what I am doing–counting my blessings.



8 thoughts on “2015 A Year of Gratitude

  1. Diane says:

    My grandmother once said “When you start feeling sorry for yourself or feel yourself starting to complain, count at least ten blessings and the feeling will disappear”. I too plan on being more grateful this year. A lot of medical problems for my parents in 2014 and work and family issues for me but 2015 we’re looking at all the wonderful people and things we have in our lives and the many things we can still do. Thank you Fawn for a lovely post.


  2. Patricia says:

    In addition to all of the things you listed, I am grateful for all the people in my life, this blog and its readers. You all are wonderful.


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