Revisiting the To Do List

About a year ago, I posted about living life without a To-Do list. I want to let you all know how I have done with the only New Year’s Resolution I gave myself this past year. I’d say about a C+. I have had a list some weeks. The list was probably needed because those weeks were busy enough I would have forgotten things otherwise. And I have created this mental To-Do list of thing to fix around the house before next summer. But–I am living the month of December without a list, and have given myself permission to not start the next home project (painting my daughter’s room) until she goes back to school after winter break. What this has meant for the month so far is more naps on the couch and books being read and a much more patient countenance. I am feeling smugly satisfied. satisfied cat


7 thoughts on “Revisiting the To Do List

  1. Béatrice says:

    Cannot tell you how much I envy you! You are living my dream.
    I have no progress to report. My To Do listS still consist of a zillion insignificant things, I would probably not even notice if I did not do them, and certainly, no one else would notice. Still, I seem unable to let go! Need of control? Fear of the future? Maybe, and probably, until I understand why I am making these lists, it is not even worth making any resolution in order to drop them….


  2. Diane says:

    I too had given up making a to-do list but unfortunately I didn’t retain it in my head. I forgot to vacuum the inside of my car last March after the snow season ended; forgot to wash the exterior; forgot to call my friend on her birthday;forgot to take last year’s Christmas decorations down to my locker; forgot to sell my dad’s golf clubs; and forgot to renew an important subscription. That’s all I reminder that I forgot. I may start another list in 2015 🙂


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