Don’t Forget Why We Are Here

This September has been a difficult month for me, at work and in my personal life. Having it all come [almost] at the same time has knocked me off my center.

And I’ve had to remind myself [repeatedly] that I have solved more intricate and overwhelming challenges. We will make it through these too.

I’ve had so much spin in my head that it has made the most simple things complicated. Like today. Today is my youngest child’s 16th birthday and we went to the Department of Motor Vehicles so he could get his driver’s license. We went three times before we actually got there with all the documents that were required for him to take the driving test. And the employees there were all so stressed that they were snarky and snapped at other patrons, and at me when I asked for my insurance card back. Whew!

Tonight, as I drove back from taking youngest son to his dad’s house, there hung on the horizon a sliver of a moon over some trees just beginning to turn.


And I found my center.

We are here to celebrate the beauty we experience, to help our fellow travelers and grow in maturity and ability to love.

No documents required.


10 thoughts on “Don’t Forget Why We Are Here

  1. Leesa says:

    When you write about the “spin in (your) head” and how it makes even the most simple things seem complicated I wanted to shout out, “say it, sister!” That’s EXACTLY how I’ve been feeling. When this happens I panic and ask myself what haven’t I done to simplify my life that would eradicate this feeling? I have to stop myself, as you say, and remember what’s important. Thanks for the post!


  2. Béatrice says:

    Beautifully written Fawn! Very inspiring. Like you, I believe we are here to learn to love. So happy you found your center through beauty after a tough journey. For some of us life is very demanding. Sometimes I find it helpful to try to see it as a privilege. To think that much is demanded because the potential for growing is vast and that there is still so much left to give, much more love to be experienced. Wish you an easier path in October though!


  3. Diane says:

    What perfect timing for your post. My mother had a mini-stroke on Sept 12 (unfortunately, the day before her 62nd wedding anniversary) and has been hospitalised since and I’ve been with her every day and some evenings. I then decided to take a week ago Thursday until yesterday to spend more time with her and so that my father who has dementia could see her as often as possible. I see it as a privilege (to use one of Béatrice`s words) to be able to help my parents who are both 88 enjoy the final years they have left. I`ve used up all my sick leave, family leave and most of my vacation leave because of their health problems and finally I just don`t care that I have no leave left. These past three weeks with my mother and father have been a blessing and she is getting better everyday. I will have forgotten about my job a week after I retire, but the memory of my days with my parents will last forever!


    • Béatrice says:

      Diane, you are in my thoughts. I think I understand you very well, I probably would try to do the same if I were in your situation but I am not sure I would manage. You are truly very courageous. Please remember to find time and ways to rest and restore. The stronger you are, the better you are able to help your parents and appreciate the joy of being together.


  4. Diane says:

    Thank you Fawn and Beatrice for your kind words. Luckily for me, my job is not at all difficult and requires little thinking, so, as I say to my co-workers, I come to work to rest! My faith in God helps me get through difficult times knowing that He’s taking care of my parents and me and I give Him all my problems so that I don’t have to worry. Naomi Judd said in one of her books: “Worry is the opposite of faith”, so I repeat that to myself when worry tries to creep into my brain. I also find comfort in “This too shall pass”.


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