Frugal Beauty Routine

Funny, when I was younger, and actually kinda cute, I spent way more money on beauty products than I do now. Oh, the irony.

Here’s what I do now:

Easy to pack too!

Easy to pack too!

The soap is handmade with olive oil. There are cheaper soaps, but my skin doesn’t like them. I use the “no poo” method for curly hair where you “wash” your hair with conditioner.

A little bit of foundation with SPF 15 and mascara. That’s it. The small, unlabeled bottle has olive oil in it, which I rub into my face before bed and remove with a steaming washcloth. That process completely eliminated the breakouts I was getting.

It’s simple. It’s inexpensive. I don’t look like a supermodel, but I look just fine for my age.

15 thoughts on “Frugal Beauty Routine

  1. Diane says:

    I envy your simple beauty routine as mine requires more products to help me look like I’ve gotten enough sleep! However, I too am wearing less than when I was in my 20s and 30s. Oh, and by the way, even supermodels don’t look like supermodels what with all the pancake makeup they wear, the false eyelashes, eyeliner, tons of eyeshadows, blush/contour blush/highlighting blush and lip liner/lipstick/gloss as well as the cameras placed strategically and the photos retouched.


  2. Lisa says:

    Amen to this simple beauty routine! I was a child of the eighties, and that big Bon Jovi hair and perfectly made up face took more time and money to create than I even want to think about! Now, my hair is Jamie Lee Curtis short, and my beauty routine almost exactly mirrors yours (just sub coconut oil for the olive oil). It’s wonderful to realize I’m the perfect me already. 🙂


  3. LMR says:

    I think that simplifying the “beauty” routine happens to a lot of us. I know it happened to me. I used to have TONS of makeup products but not anymore. I am at a stage where I am much happier with myself and a complicated (and expensive!) routine is just not important anymore. I’d rather sit on my balcony with a good book!


    • Diane says:

      I agree — I’d prefer reading a book! Quite awhile back I was with my friend and we were going to her friend’s house to pick her up. Well, we had to wait 45 minutes in the living room while she put on her makeup. Her boyfriend never saw her without it as she would wear it to bed then remove it in the morning and reapply. The odd thing is that she was pretty without any of it and her routine could have consisted simply of foundation, mascara and a bit of lipstick.


  4. Diane says:

    Fawn, you mention the no poo method where you only use conditioner. I read somewhere there’s also the no poo where you wash your hair with baking soda diluted with water and rinse with apple cider vinegar diluted with water. Have you tried that? If so, how did you like it?


  5. Patricia says:

    Since i began reading your blog I have downsized all of my make up to a small covered container. You continue to inspire me to my ‘just enough’ balance in all things.


  6. Tatiana says:

    I like this post! I think my beauty routine is very simple too. I use shampoo (and never conditioner) for my short hair, soap, face cream or oil, face scrub once a week, lip balm, mascara and lip gloss for special occasions. I love my skin without foundation and my lips without lipstick! And my makeup takes me just 2 minutes! I also use hand cream both for hands and feet. Am I a minimalist?)))


  7. Romana says:

    I too, have scaled down my beauty routine and the amount if products I use but not near as minimalist as Fawn. It all started when I decided to stop dyeing my hair. Then little by little things kept getting eliminated and continue to. I feel more free and natural and I feel I look just fine for my age as well. 🙂


  8. Béatrice says:

    I like your beauty routine! So simple!
    Mine is a bit similar but the thing is I love makeup! I have always loved it! I remember how as a teenager I would save my pocket money for weeks in a row in order to buy a specific expensive brand. But even back then, I tried to buy multi-task products and very few of them.
    The thing is, I really like to put make-up on, it relaxes me, it’s kind of meditative and it puts me in a good mood. Others like to take a bath, I like to put make-up on! Since it makes me happy, it is an area where I have chosen not to be so minimalist! I consider it to be some kind of hobby.
    I clean my face with milk and tonic, put some organic oil (argan or olive), then foundation (in the summer, I mix it with some darker tinted cream to get a lighter texture and darker shade). When there is lots of sun, I use a solid foundation with SPF 50 instead and I carry a protective stick with me (I have a fair complexion and dark spots issues). I also use an eye liner and mascara.
    When I want to feel especially pretty, I use a primer and eye shadow and some highlighter, I finish with face power (sun powder in the spring and summer) and sometimes blush. I sometimes also put lipstick in a neutral color with a pencil for a more natural look, but that’s new for me. I used to never wear lipstick but since I turned 40, I think I look better with it!
    So a not so very minimalist beauty routine!
    However, on a daily basis, all my make-up fits on a mini tray (the size of my hand) and a mini glass jar (for pencils and mascara). A bit further away, I keep the primer, the face powder and the eye shadow and lipstick together with some pieces of jewelry and in a small box in a drawer, I have out of season items like sun powder etc… All in all I only have 3-4 eye shadows that I rotate according to the seasons (I only use one at a time) and only one lipstick, that’s the minimalist touch! 🙂


  9. chmel says:

    I just read Dominique Loreau’s book while on holiday, she is “the” French minimalist. She also advocates only using a simple oil for face, body, hair; a mild soap to clean in the evening; dry body brushing; cider vinegar to drink (dilited) and as a hair rinse; lemon juice in water daily. That’s it.


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