Listening to My Body


As a single mom, it has been a struggle to take care of my little ones and myself. For years I ignored my tiredness and just pushed through. This summer, it has kind of caught up with me and I have been dealing with a pervasive fatigue. Not to worry, I ‘m not sick, just finally listening to my body.

This is a new skill for me, and I get it right only about half the time. I started two projects this summer that I eventually bowed out of.

Many years ago, when I was a quilter, I vowed that I would not buy any more material until I had used what I already had. This is the same kind of thinking. Don’t take on anything new, until I have finished what is already in the house.

So, I am resting and taking vitamins.


9 thoughts on “Listening to My Body

  1. Lou says:

    Smart thinking and planning, Fawn. Life changes for moms as the kids grow and change. Sending a youngster off to college is not just emotional, although that’s what we are most aware of (at least I was).

    Do take a minute to look at and think about your level of physical activity, too – sometimes fatigue is related to too much or too little.

    PS – I’ve getting your posts via e-mail. Thanks for sending them to me. 🙂


  2. Diane says:

    Having no children I can’t imagine how tiring it can be. I’m tired from the stress of having two parents with dementia, a busy job and lots of errands to run and appointments for myself and my parents. I’m glad to hear that you are resting and hope you don’t feel bad about having to bow out of the two projects. I just got back from vacation and promised myself that I wouldn’t let my agenda get too crowded BUT I have a pinched nerve in my back so been to the chiro three times this week, and then in the next two weeks I have my dad’s 88th birthday this weekend so we’re celebrating on Saturday and Sunday, then an eye exam, hair appointment, groceries, chiro, errands for parents and myself, pedi for mom, car repair for me, chiro, blood tests, medical appointment. So in three weeks from now, I promise myself I won’t let my agenda get too crowded!!


  3. jmatk says:

    I’m also running on empty. I have a job that’s increasingly getting more demanding, 2 children who are growing into attitude monsters as the holidays progress and I’m just generally struggling. I wish us all rest and better times ahead


  4. Patricia says:

    We all are guilty of taking on too much some times. Please quit being so hard on yourself and ‘Just Be’ in the near future. All of your readers care for you and wish the best. Also, I do appreciate your sense of humor in the first illustration.


    • Fawn says:

      I’m sorry if I sound like I am being hard on myself. Actually, quite the opposite. I’m learning to coast. I do think that all humans have areas for growth and learning. Mine happens to be in learning how to rest.


  5. BĂ©atrice says:

    Striving for balance is one of life’s most beautiful challenge. Every one of us has to create a life that works best to suit our needs. I am naturally a lazy-daydreamer type of person, excelling at doing nothing. I used to feel very guilty about that and I was pushing myself against my nature. But I have discovered that doing little actually makes me a much nicer person.
    I do the work I take on with my whole heart and at the best of my abilities but I am not trying to do a whole lot. Now, instead of feeling guilty, I plan ahead to do almost nothing in the evenings (well sometimes, laundry cannot wait until the week-end!) and to go away by myself to a coffee shop on Saturday mornings whenever possible.
    I cannot look at my day or even at my past year and be proud of a long list of accomplishements but I did my work, I was happy most of the time and I think I made others around me happy as well. I know that someone else may thrive by doing a lot but for me, doing less makes me more calm, joyful and attuned with the rest of the world.


  6. Rebekah says:

    In my case, slow release iron supplements and iodine helped my energy level a lot. I hope you will find what works for you. Wishing you blessings!


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