Power Outage

Yesterday, the power went out for an hour or so. And due to my simple living practices, it barely affected me. Within 30 minutes of the outage, one of my neighbors was at my step to discuss what we were “going to do.”

Hmmm. Not much different, really. It was hot, but if the inside air got hotter than the outside air, I would just open the windows. Despite the fact that I had been grocery shopping earlier in the day, there was nothing in my fridge that would spoil before I could use it. Even the cream could be made into a nice soup.

I could still fix supper on my gas stove, as long as I used matches to ignite the burners. And while it did delay this post to you all, I had plenty to do while the power was out. I scrubbed the kitchen floor.



8 thoughts on “Power Outage

  1. Tracy says:

    I love tha “what are we going to do” comment! A few years ago in December (week and a half before Christmas) we lost power. It ended up lasting 6 days for us. My kids were the same way…what are we going to do. Well…since we homeschooled..school. Since it was December and cold outside..put coolers on the deck and eat everything we could up before it spoiled/thawed. My husband still had to go to work since they had generators so he took the electronic hand held games and cell phones with him to charge. We did just fine cooking on the BBQ, trying to stay warm,etc. it wasn’t fun but I figured what doesn’t kill us will make us stronger lol. They sort of got tired of me saying that…don’t know why.


    • Fawn says:

      Tracy– when I lived on the farm, we had a power outage that lasted six days. The biggest issue was that our water pump was electric. Sooo…we didn’t flush toilets, unless there was poo in them and I washed dishes with snow melted on the gas stove. But, I had two in diapers at the time, and it was a big pain-in-the-ass. But nobody went hungry, or got sick or really suffered anything but boredom. Which, I consider a life-skill–learning how to be bored. So–no power for six days: inconvenient. No more, no less.


  2. Béatrice says:

    Love that post! put like that, everthing seems so simple!
    But don’t you have anything in the freezer? I find that cooking in large quantities and freezing portion-size meals actually enhances my minimalist lifestyle and helps me to save money. However, I can see the advantages of buying only exactly what you need (i.e. you don’t need to manage the content of the freezer). I will give it some more thought.


  3. Fawn says:

    Many, many people have written about how to use your freezer to cut costs. I don’t repudiate them….but it never worked that way for me, seems like there was always waste in the process. That, combined with my experience of inheriting a chest freezer from my MIL filled with 20 year old cherries and downer hogs (too sick to sell at market, so slaughtered at home for private consumption) has turned me against freezers. Give me fresh every time. I would rather have fresh Navy Bean soup than 5-year-frozen downer hogs any day. [Note, though, that I have never lived through a Great Depression or been anywhere close to starving…in which case, I would have been grateful to have anything to eat.]


  4. Diane says:

    Your story reminds me of when I lived in Windsor, Ontario, where wild thunderstorms are frequent in the summer. It was a Saturday and I spent the day reading, tidying my apartment, and working on an essay for a Bachelor’s degree I was doing through distance education. When I turned the radio on Sunday morning to catch the news, that’s when I learned that there had been no power in most of Windsor (my place included) all day Saturday! Although I did notice that when I opened the fridge door the light didn’t go on, I assumed the bulb had burned out and would replace it another day. As well, I hadn’t done any cooking because I had fruit for breakfast, a salad for lunch and some wine with cheese and crackers for dinner.


    • Diane says:

      I don’t watch tv and didn’t play the radio Saturday because of studying but I found it funny when I returned to work on Monday and everyone was discussing how stressed they were with no electricity all day. The biggest complaint was they had to go a whole day and evening without tv! How sad.


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