Prom Clothes

My middle son is going to prom with his girlfriend this Saturday. Last year I learned (and choked on) the cost of renting a tux for the big event: about $200. I told him that I have no problem spending that amount of money for a suit, which he can wear indefinitely to graduations, funerals, job interviews, weddings, etc. But I just can’t make my fingers let go of that kind of money to rent a suit of clothes for a night.

This year, he is taking me up on my offer. We went to the menswear shop, found him a lovely charcoal grey suit.
2014-05-10 18.01.28

The menswear shop wanted to sell us a shirt, tie and cuff links that would match the girlfriend’s dress. [For the life of me, I do not understand this idea that the couple have to wear the same colors.] Son described the dress as “robin’s egg blue.” We bought a shirt, that needed cuff links, in that color. But I still wasn’t convinced about this plan. For one thing the shirt cost $94 and the cuff links were $40.

Anyway, we took the shirt to visit the dress, and they just could not get along. The dress was more of a cerulan blue. I was relieved. I practically ran back to the store the next day to return the shirt and cuff links. Then I strolled down the strip mall a short distance to one of my favorite discount stores: TJ Maxx and found a lovely white shirt for $13.99 and a tie that actually matches the dress for $12.99. Whew!


Saved $109 dollars, even if he never wears the tie again.


6 thoughts on “Prom Clothes

  1. Pat says:

    I think your son will look great with his date. Buying a suit that can be worn for other occasions is a smart decision. My husband actually owns a black tux that I purchased for 4.00 a few years ago at a church sale. It fit him perfectly and he he worn it several times. I had to buy a shirt and tie. He also wanted a bow tie and picked up one of those.


  2. Diane says:

    You have such terrific ideas! I would have never thought of getting a regular suit and not get conned into an expensive shirt and cuff links. He can always get more ties at yard sale or consignment shops and just switch whenever he needs to wear a suit.


  3. suzie says:

    We lucked out in the tux department. My son played in the school orchestra and the required uniform was a tux. We had a letter that let us buy a previously rented tux, jacket, pants, shirt, bow tie and even shoes at the beginning of the school year. At prom time we just bought the black shirt he wanted and the special tie to match her dress.


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