Use Your Muscles

The more you are willing to use your own muscles to do something, the less you have to own.

You can knead your dough like this:
kneading dough

Or this:

You can get to the store like this:

Or like this:

I’m not ready to give up my washing machine yet.


7 thoughts on “Use Your Muscles

  1. Diane says:

    It’s funny how none of us want to get old yet we use so many shortcuts for pretty much everything (rice maker, crockpot, bread maker, cleaning lady), . What a timely article as I was thinking of getting a bread maker but you’ve convinced me to knead it myself — what a great workout for the arms! I too can’t part with my washing machine — hand washing just doesn’t seem to the the clothes clean enough.


  2. Romana says:

    I watched my grandparents feed wet clothes through a machine that had rollers in it on wash days. They made sure i didn’t get my fingers too close. In the evening after dark, I hopped on the swing set while Nana got the clothes down from the line. The sheets on my bed at her house smelled like warm summer days. Good memories.


    • Diane says:

      Whenever we would visit my maternal grandmother, I found it a treat to run the laundry through her machine that had rollers and could spend hours of joyful content just doing that. They certainly were the good old days!


  3. kbasquez says:

    Kneading dough is a great workout. Sometimes I am tempted to feel foolish for doing it by hand when a Kitchen-aid would do all the work for me. But I love the feel of dough in my hands, the worked muscles in my arms, the hundreds of dollars that will stay in my pocket from not buying a mixer, and the kitchen space that I save by not owning. Simpler. Better for me.


  4. BĂ©atrice says:

    About the washing machine Lou…you can share it! I have never owed a washing machine. In the past I have used a laundromat (not super practical, I admit) and now, we share the washing machine with two other households, it works great! It is not something that I have done in order to reach some kind of minimalist goal, it just happened to be like that because I have moved so often.
    What I am not ready to let go is my mixer, I love non-chunky soups too much!
    At times, I wish I had a car to bring all the food home….however, it has it’s good sides. I cannot bring more bottles of wine/beer than those I can carry, I am sure it makes me save a lot of money + help me drink in moderation (most of the time!)
    Kneading dough… Well, I have not been very successful at making my own bread yet. As I am usually blaming the lack of Kitchen-Aid for my failure, for sure, I am not planning to buy any, then all my excuses would be gone!


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