I’m Purseless!!!

Amazingly, I have been working years for this day. In the meantime I have been jealous of the men with their deep pocket pants and hands free-living.

Now, I appreciate the style and craftsmanship of a high-end fashion bag. But, I would like my life to be simple enough that when I leave home for an errand or two, I do not have to pack a suitcase.

So here is what I put in my pocket when I leave the house now:

2014-01-30 10.25.12

And here’s what it looks like unpacked:

2014-01-30 10.24.33

Some of my strategies:

1) Keyless entry at the back door of the house. There is a backup plan if the batteries give out. I actually installed this when the kids were little and kept losing their door keys. I love it.

2) After decades of being cash only, I trust myself with a credit card that I pay off each month and get cash rewards on.

3) My and kid’s insurance information is on-file at the MDs, DDS, Urgent Care and hospital that we use. A copy of the cards are in my car’s glove box in case we are travelling far away and needed to access health care.

4) I do have a small backpack that I can use for shopping purchases, overnight trips and walking trips to the library.

5) I have systematically limited clothing purchases to ones with pockets, or in the case of a few Goodwill purchases, have added them on. I currently own one dress that does not have pockets. I only wear it to work, where I can slip my wallet and key into the work briefcase.

I think, by my next count of things in June, I can let go of the wallet. Which is a good thing, as I bought a hair dryer.

16 thoughts on “I’m Purseless!!!

  1. Linda says:

    I hate purses! I have a tote bag that I use when we travel, or on rare occasions when I have to carry a lot of stuff. But normally, I use a very similar wallet as yours, and all my pants have pockets. Love the freedom!


  2. Swissrose says:

    I do use a very tiny handbag (purse) because the ones I used to have hurt my shoulders, so much would accumulate. Now I only have what I consider to be my essentials.
    Having said that, I have mused in the past about how I used to live as a teen – bus pass in my jeans back pocket, a bit of cash and a doorkey in my front pocket… !!! I never carried a bag till I had my first child.


  3. Diane says:

    I would love to go purseless but can’t since I need a bigger wallet with credit card, debit card, parents’ ATM card, library card, driver’s license and insurance slip, health card, pharmacy card. Then there’s the cell phone, sunglasses, regular glasses, lip balm and lipstick, small pill case (headaches and sinus), kleenex, small hand lotion, watch (I hate anything on my wrists or around my neck)agenda and sometimes my chequebook and parents’ chequebook. But at least I’ve downsized it to a small purse (separate bag for lunch, book and other papers). In about 30 years it might contain an extra pair of Depends!


  4. Romana says:

    Ditto for me too, Diane. But add gum, eye drops, wet wipes, antacid, pen, small notepad, hair tie, cloth to clean glasses, cough drops, small mirror, coupons,and Kleenex. It’s my survival kit.


    • Fawn says:

      Just want to point out that in my car there is 1) gum 2) paper napkins from fast food restaurants 3) sunglasses in a case 4) the car has a rear view mirror.

      If I were to go carless…a goal for about 10 years in the future….I would keep the prescription sunglasses and the rest live without.
      How did people live without these items 200 years ago? Do I really need them?


  5. Romana says:

    I have also thought that same thought. People survived just fine without (fill in the blank) 200 years ago. If they could do it and still be fine so can I but it is still a process that I am making baby steps toward. Reading (the stories) Francine’s site and looking (the pictures) through Fawn’s site are helping make the steps larger. You two are really helping us be better people when it comes to stuff.


  6. Béatrice says:

    Fantastic! Fawn, you have achieved what I have been aiming to for years! For now, I have my two doorkeys in my left pocket attached with a safety pin and my wallet (normal size) in my right pocket. But I am constantly nervous about my wallet being stolen since I am often in crowded areas/buses etc… I have therefore been looking for ages for a tiny wallet in your style that I could attach with a safety pin inside my right pocket. I just don’t seem to be able to find any (yes, I am a bit picky: it has to be tiny, light weight, flat, has to have a pocket with a zipper for coins and possibly be elegant!) …I’ll keep you updated 😉


  7. Patricia says:

    Fawn,I am amazed at the simplicity of your wallet. You have only a credit card and I assume a debit card. I would love it if you would do some blogs on how you managed to simplify your finances.


  8. Adrienne says:

    Hi I have just a small zip purse that I was given it holds debit card, car key and paper and coin money. They are easy to sew, and thrift shops always have them. Fawn have you read Elaine St James’ books?. She carries folded paper money, credit card, car key all held by a wide rubber band on

    which she wrote in black letters “Gucci”


    • Fawn says:

      I have read the classic Elaine St. James books. I found them inspiring as I read them when they first came out in the 1990’s. I had originally thought to move toward the rubber band, or a paper clip…but for my counting game a wallet = one thing, as does a money clip or rubber band. Therefore, my goal now is to put the credit card, folded paper money and key in my pocket without any accessory at all!


  9. Diane says:

    Don’t forget that 200 years ago they grew their own food (so no grocery shopping thus no need for glasses, credit and debit cards, loyalty programme cards); they didn’t wear glasses; they didn’t have libraries (so no library card); and had no buses (so no bus pass), so they spent much of their time at home where they didn’t need a purse or wallet. Life may have been simpler but very dull (just read about Jane Austen’s life — exciting in the sense that she wrote those fabulous books but daily life was tedious).


  10. Fawn says:

    Oh, Diane–I do not want to live like it’s 200 years ago. But I do find it useful to ask the question, “How was this human need met 200 years ago?” So many of the “must have” items for modern life are just annoying distractions. I do think that life in Jane Austen’s time was tedious for the servants.


  11. Sandy Bowman says:

    I’ve gone as purseless as I can…just bought a wristlet. It holds my cash a few cards (insurance and debit) and my cell phone. I’ll be getting rid of all my purses now. Plus it hangs by the front door with the keys. Awesome.


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