Food Or Decoration


Living with teenagers, it is interesting to observe some of their quirky ways.

For example, the house can be filled (ok my idea of “filled” may be less than yours) with ingredients to make dishes and meals. But if there is no food item in a tin can which can be opened into a bowl and microwaved, then there is “no food in the house.” I could feed us for a week with the flour and baking powder and celery and carrots and frozen chicken and canned tomato sauce…..but they, I fear, would starve.

Something similar happens with fruit in a bowl. If there is a bowl of unpeeled oranges, even sitting on the counter, it will go uneaten. A package of unwashed grapes in the fridge, the same. A pineapple is invisible on the dining room table while it sits uncut in a bowl. BUT- if I peel, wash, cut the fruit and put it in a serving container-it will disappear faster than I-pads on Black Friday.

It is as if some part of their brain that is still wiring itself is immature in the recognition of food area. You would think that nature would have wired this part first.

6 thoughts on “Food Or Decoration

  1. Lou says:

    Nature did program them for this, but marketers, esp on TV, have overwritten that program with a mantra that says, “if it isn’t easy, it isn’t really food.”


    • Fawn says:

      Well, there is not TV at my house, but they may have been influenced by marketers elsewhere. I think that they are just used to cooking being “my job.” Sorta like the dishes.


  2. Béatrice says:

    Very funny and totally true! I do not have kids old enough to peel their own fruits but fruits that we like have often gone bad in our household just because neither my boyfriend or me took the initiative to peel them and offer it to the other! So silly! I am quite good with oranges, grapefruits and apples but for the rest (ananas, mango, pomelo, melon etc…) I need to put them on our menu as a dessert or they just stay there for days!


  3. Jill says:

    Same in my house… But what I love is that when all the teens and their friend are over and I do cut up all fresh fruit and veggies they love it and appreciate it!


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