Top Nine Reasons I Do Not Pay for Entertainment


1) I would rather learn how to do something new, or do it better than watch someone else do it. For example, I would rather learn to dance than watch Dancing with the Stars.

2) It is not in the budget. I might get Netflix if I had a severe injury and couldn’t get up off the couch for a couple months. Maybe.

3) Watching my kids play baseball or jazz or perform with their improv troupe is more thrilling than watching professionals do it. I’ve heard Dave Brubeck’s Take Five thousands of times. The first time I heard my son play it, I cried.

4) There are only so many human stories. Romance. Betrayal. Coming of age. Epic war of Good vs. Evil. Once you know the plotlines, it’s just a matter of dressing it up in historical language and costumes.

5) During my job, everyday, I experience raw human drama. People facing life and death situations, heroically (or not) dealing with loss. It’s complex and messy and never resolved in 30 minutes or two and a half hours. Entertainment resolves the complexities (or sometimes leaves you dangling till next week) in the allotted time frame, which feels unreal to me. If it’s complex and messy and doesn’t resolve things, there is a good chance that it is not entertainment, but art. I think this holds true for books and movies and music.

6) My library has more art (music, movies and literature) than I will be able to enjoy in my entire life, even if I quit my day job and do nothing else. Once I pay my property taxes, it’s free.

7) Entertainment is not a need, though to hear people talk about it you might think so.

8) If I am too tired to do something I want to do, I need a nap.

9) Entertainment does not help me accomplish anything on my life-goals list.

7 thoughts on “Top Nine Reasons I Do Not Pay for Entertainment

  1. Lou says:

    I just read about 6 of your recent posts, after reading your article @ Len Penzo dot com. I’m so impressed by your wonderful attitude and healthy simple lifestyle. It occurs to me to wonder if you are a Quaker? I am one and I just learned a lot from you about living the life I aspire to. It’s a treat @ 71 to find a new hero. You are mine.


    • Fawn says:

      I am not a Quaker formally, but if I were to attend services on a regular basis again I think that I could be at home there. I like very much the deep listening that is a part of the faith. In general, if Christians did more listening and less preaching, I think the world would be a more peaceful place.


  2. Larabelle says:

    I am also a nurse and I don’t pay for entertainment. I can so relate as my job is also full of raw human drama….another reason for me is after I sit all evening and watch TV I get angry about the time wasted…I get the same feeling after I eat a whole big bag of peanut m+m’s and get a tummy ache…..


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