Grown-Up Fun

Have you noticed that all my recent posts have been tagged “fun?”

I swear, it’s just all those years of hard work are finally paying off. The last week of September, I was in Kansas City, MO for the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization’s yearly conference. I was presenting on the topic of “Hospice Work As A Transformative Path.”

My kids have always been my first priority and work has been a close second. Anyone who has read my book, A Holy Errand knows how passionate I am about care of the dying and their families.

And those of you who have followed my blog know that I do not think it necessary to spend a fortune to raise children well, create a nice meal for family or friends, or live a life rich in meaning.

So, Holy Expense Accounts, Batman–did I step into another world during my three-day stay at the conference. My travel to and from the conference, my hotel stay and my conference entry fee were all paid by my employer. I was allowed up to $50 per day food allowance (yes, that’s right–me who knows how to feed a family of four on $300 per month given half that to feed myself for three days.) Plus, everywhere I turned people were handing out free stuff–pens, tote bags, food and drinks.

Here is the view from my room on the 34th floor:


I kinda felt like I had fallen through a wormhole to an alternate universe. It was fun. For three days. But the waste! Bleh.

Here’s the thing–not every problem is solved by throwing more money at it. (Are you listening Federal Government?)

In just three days, the excess made me feel soft and lazy. I like the feel of being a surfer–that it is my skill and fitness that gives me the ability to ride those waves. It is exciting and empowering to know how to survive lean times.

So–I’ll put on my beach cover-up until I get back to my pre-conference fitness levels.


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