Youngest Child Turns 15

I was out of town at a conference when my youngest turned 15 years old last week, so we celebrated on Sunday, before I left. When the kids were little, like their friends, they had parties at different venues: Skateland, Jungle of Fun, McDonald’s Playplace. I noticed that between paying for the venue (at say $8 per head for the guests) and the gifts I bought them, and sometimes a fancy cake….I was spending about $100 each birthday. As, they got a little older, I offered them a choice in how the $100 was spent. For example, the birthday child could blow the whole $100 on the party, but then there would be no present from mom. The birthday child could choose a$100 gift, but then there would be no party. Usually, they chose a combination–so, the party might be at the local park and some of the money spent on food and pinata and water balloons and the rest for the gift. Or, one might have just a couple friends for a sleepover and an pricier gift. This year, youngest wanted an electric bass and a “chocolate cookie cake.”



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