Women of a Certain Age

Recently actress Michelle Pfeiffer said that she was relieved to go from the age where she had to “Look Good” to the age where she only has to “Look Good For Her Age.” I know exactly what she means.

I have noticed that despite my three times per week workouts, complete with squats, that my booty is no longer licious. And I’m OK with that. This is a different phase of life and I intend to embrace it as I have all the previous phases. So, I have been paying attention to the style of older women, and keeping that in mind as I replenish my minimalist wardrobe. Which fabrics and colors flatter, which just look like one is trying too hard.

I’m thinking that I want to look more like:




Instead of


And I know that my kids will tell me if I’m getting it wrong.

3 thoughts on “Women of a Certain Age

  1. kris says:

    Love your examples!
    I always admire older women who wear minimal makeup and who don’t color their hair. (And as I am definitely in the “older” category, I follow my own advice.)


  2. Heather says:

    I am 39 and already have all my natural silver showing and darn proud. Next comes the donation of 12 inches of hair to help Veterans. I wear mascara, a little blush and fresh skin. Clothes are fun but not overtly funky old lady like. Classic but with some color. I am learning to love color again. Keep it simple and embrace pro age.


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