Stone Soup (sorta)

On a recent Tuesday, I got off work and started preparing dinner for the three of us. I was planning a meal of grilled chicken breasts, corn on the cob and fresh cantaloupe.

Within ten minutes I got two texts from the boys, first from middle son asking if his girlfriend could have dinner with us. Yes, of course. Minutes later the second text from youngest son came in, “Would it be alright if the band came over for dinner and practiced afterward?” Umm…….OK.

That meant that dinner for three, was now dinner for seven. How was I going to stretch the three chicken breasts to feed seven people? I checked my mini-fridge. (Yes, my minimalism has expanded to include my refrigerator. When I re-did my kitchen last year, I removed the regular sized refrigerator and installed one the size that usually goes into dorm rooms.) I had flour tortillas and lettuce and cheese and a tomato.  Wraps would make a nice main dish with the chicken.

I served the band in the dining room and the older two on the back porch.


Here is the table before the band dug in.


And the remains of the older two on the porch.


I grabbed a boxed dessert, to make sure that no one would be hungry.


2 thoughts on “Stone Soup (sorta)

  1. kris says:

    Well done!

    Confession: When I came across the reference to the mini fridge, for a fleeting moment, I wondered if you had this fridge *in addition* to a standard-sized fridge. For that very brief moment, I was shocked. Then, as I read on, it became clear that the mini fridge is your one and only. LOL.


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