Fawn’s 2012 Count

Here is the 2012 count of my things. Technically I share the laptop with the kids, or more correctly, they share it with me….but I would replace if before most other items, so I count it.

Miscellaneous Items (18)


If you squint, you will see in this photo (back to front): shredder, coffee pot, briefcase, towel, book, with bird figurine resting on blank page, laptop, calendar, sunglasses/plain glasses/case, watch, cell phone/charger, keys (I don’t count the keys separate from the things they go to–house & car, but they were in my purse, purse, wallet. The bird figurine was carved and painted by a former patient and after he died, his family gifted it to me. I think it is beautiful.

iron, ironing board and laundry basket

Bed: includes pillow, sheets and one blanket. No photo of the car this year, but it looks pretty much the same as last year.

Clothes (58 items)

5 work outfits (here’s 4 of them, one in the wash)

The little black dress combo. Here you see the items separately. Black dress alone in summer or w/ sweater in colder months.

two non-work day outfits (third one in the wash)

Jeans, fleece top and winter coat

oh, and a cat, that couldn’t resist being in the photo.

Here is the swim suit and the only sweater to survive last winter.

Here is a table piled with: jewelry (bracelet, ring and 3 pair of earings) 3 sets of exercise clothes, in the basket: 5 pair socks, 3 bras, 6 panties, slip and pantyhose. On the table an ear warmer and pair of gloves, 2 t-shirts. There are 10 hangers pictured with the hanging clothes.

Three of those are for work. Too many for someone who works part-time. And I’ll have to buy boots, come winter.

And here is what it looks like with all that stuff in the closet:

Then Personal Care items (12) all in one photo:

In this photo, you can see: hair conditioner, razor, soap, nail clippers, toothpaste/toothbrush/floss, grooming scissors, face powder, lip balm, mascara, retainer and a basket to hold things in the cabinet. Missing: lotion.

There you have it–88 personal items. Over the summer, I will count things that I share with the kids and post room by room photos.


3 thoughts on “Fawn’s 2012 Count

  1. J says:

    What about car, or garden tools. i’m getting ready to do a count or rather an inventory and i’m not sure what to leave out. i guess my Mobile home collection would miss the count, but what of my tools and books


  2. Fawn says:

    J-the car was in the above count, just no photo. The garden tools will be included when I do the “share with the kids count later this summer.” Maybe you could count your mobile home collection as one thing, i.e. a collection. 🙂


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