Week One of Part-Time

I just wanted to let you all know what I have been up to in my first week of part-time employment.

First, I have been improving my physical health. I have exercised every single day that I haven’t worked (five so far,) I have eaten only healthy, home cooked items, I have not drunk any alcohol, and with my reduced stress level, I have been sleeping through the night. I feel so much better.

Second, I looked at the long list of books that I want to read, that has been accumulating for the past two years while I worked 10+ overtime hours/week. I went on-line to the library request site and now I have three books to read over the next two weeks. Bonus: beloved daughter wants to read one of them. Bonus plus: No cost.

Third, last week, I had checked out three cookbooks. I identified about thirty new recipes from those cookbooks that I wanted to try, copied them and have made four of the recipes so far. One recipe we like well enough to add to the regular rotation of meals. All ingredients except two were purchased at Aldi, so the recipes are fairly low-cost.

Fourth, I have spent about eight hours in the yard and it looks a lot better. It will probably take me most of the summer to whip it into shape enough that I will gaze upon it with pleasure. But the work is pleasant, satisfying and low-cost. I will be buying a few plants in the next week or two.

Fifth, I had enough time that I could say, “Yes” when beloved youngest son asked if we could tote his entire drum set to the school for a special performance.

I am feeling smugly self-satisfied.

4 thoughts on “Week One of Part-Time

  1. Selah Gitlin says:

    Congratulations! Yes, isn’t it wonderful to be able to have a house full of library books and the time to read them? I’m so glad you’re able to spend more time with your children, your own body’s needs, and your yard. Enjoy!


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