Current Bucket List

I spend my work days with folks that have a terminal illness, some of these people are younger than me. Over the years, this has given me the idea that it’s not a good thing to put off until tomorrow what can joyfully be done today. Consequently, my bucket list tends to be short. If I want to do it, I find a way to may it happen.

Since taking my daughter to Paris a couple of years ago, I been working really hard at the paying job and raising-teenagers job and haven’t given the bucket list much thought.  After a conversation with a patient last week about his bucket lists I thought about what might be on mine, and what I might do to make them happen sooner, rather than later.

Current Bucket List (things I want to do before I die)

1) Go to High Tea

2) Do a 5-day silent retreat

3) Be in the path of a total solar eclipse of the sun

And here is my plan for making them happen:

1) I will be in St Louis and Chicago next month while taking beloved daughter on a college tour. I will do some research to find out where in those cities High Tea is served and work it into the itinerary.

2) The kids will be traveling with their dad three weeks this summer. I will take off work one of those weeks and have my silent retreat here at home. No money need be spent. Sure it would be cool to travel to another part of the country, stay at some fancy retreat center with beautiful views and prepared meals, but I’m pretty sure that the benefits of a silent retreat come from within. Isn’t that the whole point?

3) I remembered that the next total solar eclipse in North America was sometime this decade and I went to do a little research to find out where and when it will be, preparing myself mentally that I might have to travel across the length of the country to position myself in its path. Imagine my giddy excitement when I discovered that it is coming practically to my back yard.

So, for the cost of a tank of gas I can drive to southern Illinois to see it, and still be home for dinner. Cool.

What is on your Bucket List?


5 thoughts on “Current Bucket List

  1. Tradd says:

    Fawn, for high tea in Chicago, I recommend two places:

    1. The Palm Court at the Drake Hotel at the top of Michigan Avenue.
    2. Russian Tea Time (the Russian Tea Room) on Adams, just a bit west of Michigan Ave near the Art Institute.


  2. Fawn says:

    Ooooo! Tradd thank you. To keep this bucket desire in line with my economic goals, I plan to ask for a family member to pay for it as I birthday gift to me. (Mom if it is St. Louis, brother if it is Chicago.)


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