Simple Christmas Decorations

Let me just begin this post by stating that for many, many years I was an ardent supporter of the Christmas tree as holiday decor. When I was a college student in my first apartment, I created a “Christmas tree” from the plumbing pipes near the ceiling and fishing line and butter cookies. Wish I had a picture to show you. When I was a “starving” nursing school student with a toddler at home, I spent $25 I did not really have, on a fresh pine tree (OK, it was lopsided) and stand so as to create the proper Christmas atmosphere for my child.

Been there. Done that. Done with it.

Now a days, it takes $50 and 10 hours to put up a tree and take it down…and I do not have that time or money to spend that way any longer.

So here is my grinchy holiday decorations:

stockings hung on the mantle


bowl of glass ornaments

Front Door with Evergreen Wreath

Cost $25 total (for the wreath) and was put up in ten minutes.

If your passion in December is holiday decorating…ignore this post. But if you are a single parent, overwhelmed with December school programs and holiday shopping and feast preparation, take heart! Celebrating the holiday does NOT require a lot of money or more time than you have.

Decide in your heart and mind what is essential and let other people do the rest.

Just for the record…I will celebrate “Christmas” with my children December 23rd. I will work the 24th and the 26th and (I hope) lay on the couch in repose on the 25th of the month.

We single parents can decide how we choose to spend the parts of the holiday that we do have control over. Your children’s other parent may have other ideas….but you are in control of your part. Make it Joyous.


4 thoughts on “Simple Christmas Decorations

  1. Leslie Ann Costello says:

    Good for you, Fawn. Your bowl of ornaments makes me smile. I have pared down dramatically from my “olden” days. This year I am watching carefully to see if I really like or want the decorations I am handling. If the answer is NO then I’ll find another home for them. Your blog feels like support for that!


  2. Fawn says:

    Leslie Ann–glad I can make you smile.

    I feel that my three decorative areas are excessive (one would be enough for me) but I am still catering to the opinoins of others that live in this house. Family harmony is important.


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