Another Payday, Lots of Money Spent


$5 for youngest son to go to the dance, $89.99 for winterizing of my lawn mower (includes pick-up and delivery)–and yes, I know I could do this myself for a lot less cash, which I will when I am retired, or several kids no longer live here or one of them learns to do it, $200 to beloved daughter’s band Disney trip fund, $662.65 for the mortgage, $170 for woodwind lessons, $9.72 for X-mess gifts, $386.97 for the car payment, $74.59 for electricity, water and sewage.


$116.19 groceries (about 9-10 days worth–which, interestingly enough is about $12/day for 4 people or $3/day/person. Still under the Food Stamp Challenge amounts), $6 for beloved daughter for lunch away at a Scholastic Bowl meet, $34.84 for X-mess gifts (almost done) $6.80 for household supplies, $2.14 for gum, $29.95 for Internet service and $115.87 for cell phones for the four of us.

Total spent: $1,910.71.


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