Spending Money to Save

Two weeks ago, beloved daughter got a new bike for her birthday (and Christmas present.) A friend of hers had nick-named her old bike “the death trap.” Maybe because only the front brakes worked, or maybe because the chain had a tendency to get caught and just stop in mid-ride, or maybe it was the huge wobble in the front wheel. She is quite pleased with the new bike.

Youngest son has outgrown the BMX style bike that fit him in 2nd grade, and he like beloved daughter, rides his bike to school daily.

I took “the death trap” to the local bike shop and had them replace the chain and the brake cables, work on the wobble and give the thing a general tune-up. For $97 youngest son now has a bike that fits him for now. When he is done growing, I will buy him a nice bike like his older siblings.


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