Day Six Food Stamp Challenge

OK. Not a normal day.

Kids are off school due to a teacher in-service. And I found out a beloved friend had a 1/2 inch Melanoma removed from her thigh. DAMN!

Food:…… LIKE I CARE…..

Breakfast, me:

The usual

Lunch for me:

fish sandwich

sandwich, apple, water

Kids report the following:

Birthday girl–breakfast: Piece of birthday cake

lunch– big “honkin” spoonful of peanut butter and a strawberry Greek yogurt

Middle son–breakfast: piece of birthday cake

lunch–PB&J, apple, granola bar

Youngest son–piece of birthday cake (seeing a theme here?) and bowl of cereal

lunch–peanut butter and piece of birthday cake

plus middle son grabbed the last piece of cake after cross-country practice.

dinner ingredients

sautéed organic hamburger

2 T butter, 4 T flour, 2 cups beef stock

Mixed w/ egg noodles and plain greek yogurt

Steamed brocoli and beef stroganoff

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