August 17 Grocery Shop

We are back from vacation, a trip to visit my oldest son and his wife in Tennessee. The week before that, the younger kids were with their dad for a week, so I have gotten off pretty light in the grocery department. And the pantry was bare when we got home last night. So today, I restocked and spent $138.60. Total grocery costs for the month so far: $237.51. Eat out costs so far $69.45. That does not include food eaten out on our trip, those are labeled vacation costs in the budget.

Organics: milk, eggs, coffee, rump roast.

Non-organic dairy: yogurt and cheese.

Aldi groceries

More non-organic dairy and meat: yogurt, string cheese, roast beef slices for sandwiches and one lone bacon wrapped fillet, which I ate for dinner tonight.

Menus for the week:

Thursday: Cheese ravioli and fresh fruit

Friday-Sunday: kids at their dad’s house

Monday: Stew made w/ organic roast, biscuits

Tuesday: Tilapia, steamed mixed vegetables

Wednesday: leftovers

Thursday: Quiche, romaine salad, fresh fruit

Friday: Beef and egg noodles (made w/ remainder of organic roast) steamed green beans.

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