May 16th Grocery Shop

Sorry, there is no photo of this weeks’ groceries. I haven’t had time to get new batteries for the camera….just that kinda week.

Groceries purchased 5/16 totaled $72.45 (groceries for May so far $228.73)

Eat out costs so far this months $146.15.

No meat was purchased. I did but some non-organic yogurts and shredded cheese.


Monday: Homemade pepperoni pizza

Tuesday: Tacos made w/ pink lentils as the “meat”

Wednesday: Sandwiches and soup, homemade snickerdoodles

Thursday: Quesadillas, canned fruit and leftover pizza

Friday: Jazz night at the high school. Ticket price includes dinner, dessert and awesome music. We are bringing 3 dozen desserts as our contribution. The two high schoolers get a free pizza for dinner. I will buy tickets for me and youngest son, but the cost of them goes into the “school fundraising” category of my budget, not the “eat out” category.

Saturday: We are going to a potluck.

Sunday: A friend is taking us out as a treat.

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